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ZY Optics Speedmaster T1 Cine Lenses Announced

Here are four super-fast cine lenses for M43, Super35 and even Full-Frame

50mm Speedmaster T1 Cine
Images by ZY Optics

ZY Optics, makers of ultra-fast lenses, launches Speedmaster T1 Cine lenses line-up with MFT, S35, and full-frame coverage.

The line-up currently includes four different T1.0 cinema lenses. Focal lengths include 17mm and 25mm in Micro Four Thirds mount; a T1 Cine 35mm in Canon RF, Fujifilm X, Sony E and Micro Four Thirds mount and most importantly, as well as a T1 Cine 50mm in Canon EF and ARRI PL Mount.

According to ZY Optics, their new lenses are relatively compact and lightweight, while offering solid built quality at a very reasonable price. In addition, these new lenses have been optimized for professional use by filmmakers of all levels.

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17mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm Cine Lenses

All 4 focal lengths have a different coverage and are designed for different cameras. The 17mm, 25mm and 35mm all comes with a Micro Four Thirds mount, making them a perfect ultra-fast and compact option for Panasonic GH5, Z-Cam E2 and BMPCC 4K.

The Speedmaster T1 Cine 35mm, instead, has a Super35 image circle and comes with Canon RF, Sony E and Fuji X mount. This makes it perfect, especially in the native RF mount for cameras like the RED Komodo and Canon EOS R70.

Furthermore, the new T1 Cine 50mm, on the other hand, is designed for full frame EF/PL cinema cameras, making it the world’s fastest PL-mount cinema lenses covering ARRI Alexa MINI LF and Red Monstro sensors.

ZY Optics is currently working to add more focal lengths to the 3 line-ups (i.e. Micro Four Thirds, Super 35 and Full Frame) and more details will be released soon.

ZY Optics Speedmaster T1 Cine

Buttery Smooth, Refined Bokeh 

The ultra-fast T1 aperture and close minimum focusing distance enables the lens to produce buttery smooth and refined bokeh rendering.

In addition, the lenses are equipped with a 9-blade circular aperture mechanism. This contributes to a pleasing round bokeh when the lenses are used wide open.

Pro Build Quality and Cine Lens Construction

A unified front diameter and gear position of the 17mm, 25mm, 35mm lenses make it easier to swap lenses and fit standard equipment such as lens motors and matte box. 

Furthermore, the T1 Cine lenses feature an internal focus design, which means the physical size of the lens stay unchanged throughout the entire focus throw. The seamless lens gear and long focus throw with precise scale markings allow accurate control of focus point even with extremely shallow depth of field at T1.0.

The 50mm has a relatively bigger form factor with its full-frame coverage and longer flange design. It is specially designed to match with professional large format cinema cameras in PL / EF mount.

Minimal Focus Breathing

The Zhongyi T/1.0 series lenses are designed to suppress the focus breathing to the minimal, allowing focus pull without compositions changed. The ultra-fast T1 aperture also facilitates shooting at low-light condition.

The colour contrast and sharpness of the images are much more well-defined than other lenses with similar specification and price range. The T1.0 lenses offer pleasant rendering of cinematic look. This series strikes to give natural colours with a hint of vintage vibes. And the color is consistent for different focal lengths.

First T1.0 Native Lens for Red Komodo and Canon C70 

The 35mm T1.0 in Canon RF mount is the world’s first ultra-fast cinema lens on the market, standing out especially in the limited amount of native RF cine lenses.

The new 35mm T1.0 RF perfectly covers the entire sensor of Red Komodo and Canon C70 cinema cameras, making them a handy combo for run-and-gun shooting, especially in low-light situations. 

Check out some sample footage below:

Pricing and Availability 

The ZY Optics Speedmater T1 Cine 17mm, 25mm, and 35mm are now ready to ship directly from the manufacturer as well as authorized dealers. 

  • Mitakon Speedmaster 17mm, 25m, 35mm T/1.0 Cinema Lens – $449 USD
  • Speedmaster T/1.0 Cinema Lens Set of 3 MFT (17mm/25mm/35mm) – $1,199
  • Speedmaster 35mm T/1.0 Cinema Lens (Canon RF, Sony E, Fuji X) – $599
  • Speedmaster 50mm T/1.0 (PL, EF) – $999

The T1 Cine 50mm lens is due to launch in June 2021. For more details head over to ZY Optics’ website here.

via ZY Optics

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