Zoom H8 Multi-Track ‘All-In-One’ Audio Recorder

With its striking design, the Zoom H8 debuts a new capsule system and app-based touchscreen.

zoom h8 recorder apps touchscreen 8 input 12 track
Images by Zoom

The Zoom H8 multi-track recorder is the latest from video creators and musician’s favourite Zoom. The “all-in-one” handheld recorder may look a bit crazy with its spider-like appearance, but don’t let that fool you – this thing packs a lot of advanced features.

In addition, the Zoom H8 can double as an audio interface connected to a PC or Mac, as well as serve as a podcasting solution. Moreover, the H8 offers a total 6 XLR inputs, of which 2 also support 1/4″ connectors for plugging in instruments. However, the H8 is capable of recording a total of 12 tracks, including a stereo mix. 

Multi-track recording up to 12 Tracks

The H8 is not a 32bit float recorder like the Zoom F6, but then again, it is much more affordable at $400 USD. Nevertheless, the Zoom H8 can capture audio in bit/sample rates up to to 24-bit / 96 kHz resolution.

And, as mentioned prior it also offers up to 12 tracks (mic capsule, backup recording, XLR 1-4, XLR-1/4″ combo A and B, and LR stereo mix) are available.

Pre-order the Zoom H8 multi-track recorder here.

Zoom H8 multitrack recorder audio xlr
Zoom H8 / Images by Zoom

Updated Capsule System 2.0

Zoom refers to their new H8 as an “app-driven” handheld audio recorder. Not only that, but the H8 improves their interchangeable capsule design from the H6. Now with Capsule System 2.0, the H8 kicks it up a notch by adding some really versatile capsules for advanced stereo and 360 degree audio capture. 

New for the Zoom H8 is also the touchscreen interface at the bottom of the unit. Users will be familiar with the smartphone-like app interface, which includes modes optimised for podcasting, music, and of course audio field recording. 

And what’s even more interesting about the new Capsule System 2.0 is that it allows up to four channels of audio to be added to the H8’s capsule connection. Available capsule expansions include: 

  • Zoom XAH-8: two condenser microphones; capsules can be rotated from a tight X/Y pattern to a wide AB pattern to enhance the stereo image of your recordings.
  • Zoom VRH-8: an Ambisonic mic capsule that utilizes four condenser microphones to deliver immersive 360-audio recordings. It comes with a built-in accelerometer helps ensure the capsule is always perfectly aligned saving you time in post-production.
  • EXH-8: This capsule gets you four additional XLR inputs, giving you a total of 10. Each additional input has a dedicated gain knob and pad switch. 

Furthermore, the new Zoom H8 comes with a free download license for Cubase LE and Steinberg’s WaveLab Cast. The latter lets users finalize your audio project with a wide range of comprehensive editing, mixing, and refinement tools.

WaveLab Cast is also a neat software for podcasting, as it connects you directly with podcast directories, such as Spreaker or Podbean. Also, users can upload episodes quickly, plus directly create and publish RSS feeds.

The Zoom H8 is available to pre-order from B&H for $399.99 USD. The unit is estimated to ship in August. 

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