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Zoom F2-BT (Bluetooth) and F2 Pocket Audio Recorders

Compact audio recorder for podcasters and videographers on the move

ZOom F2 pocket recorder lav
Image by Zoom

Zoom has just launched the new Zoom F2-BT Bluetooth and F2 pocket audio recorders for videographers, podcasters, and vloggers on the move. Pricing starts at just $149 for the non-Bluetooth model F2 model, while the F2-BT comes in at $199 USD.

32-bit Float Audio – Never Set Gain Again

Furthermore, these ultra-compact field recorders pack the incredible 32-bit float technology from the much beloved Zoom F6 audio recorder. And this means that setting gain is a thing of the past, as the F2 provides so much dynamic range that you can raise or lower levels in post without distorting or clipping your audio recordings.

The Zoom F2 recorders also come with an included 3.5mm lavalier mic with a locking connector. However, you can also use third party mics to suit your style; and the F2 and F2-BT will also provide mic power. 

Zoom has been on a roll lately focusing on awesome portable audio solutions such as the PodTrak P4 podcasting recorder.

ZOom F2 pocket recorder lav mic
Image by Zoom
Zoom F2 pocket recorder output input top view
Image by Zoom Corp

Zoom F2 and F2-BT – Perfect Audio Recorders for Events and Weddings

These days, the event and weddings video segment is really struggling given the raging pandemic, however the Zoom F2 recorders were really designed for this type of video productions. This is thanks to the set-and-forget type of setup.

all you have to really do is make sure you have fresh AAA batteries (the F2 uses two of them), plug in the mic, set the lock, and focus on filming the ceremony. The Zoom F2 is rated for about 15 hours on two batteries, which should be more than enough for a full day of filming. 

In addition, the USB-C 5V port allows users to power the device from power banks. 

Another cool feature is that the Zoom F2 and F2-BT record onto microSD cards up to 512GB capacities. 

Explore the Zoom PodTrak P8 Podcasting Studio

ZOom F2 pocket recorder app 2
Image by Zoom

When it comes to recording options, both F2 models allow users to choose two  recording formats. Users can select to record in either 44.1 kHz/32-bit float or 48 kHz/32-bit float WAV files depending on what suits their audio workflow better. In both cases, the 32-bit float recording ensures you get the maximum dynamic range.

Zoom F2-BT – Bluetooth Control from a Tablet or Smartphone

The Zoom F2-BT comes with built-in Bluetooth, which allows users to use the free Zoom F2 Control app to wirelessly start/stop recordings, display battery levels, adjust output volume, and control low-cut filtering.

Zoom F2-BT TimeCode Sync

Furthermore, users can also pair the Bluetooth-enabled Zoom F2 model with an UltraSync BLUE by Timecode Systems to receive and write timecode to recorded files. This is perfect for video production using timecode to sync audio such as the case in multi-cam setups and larger productions. 

Check out this demo video by Zoom on the timecode features of the F2-BT:

Pricing and Availability

The new Zoom F2 portable field recorder is priced at $149 USD, while the Bluetooth enabled F2-BT model is $50 more.

Both more models are expected to ship in December. You can pre-order via the affiliate links below from B&H.

To learn more head over to Zoom’s website here

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