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Zoom Am7 USB-C Microphone for Android Announced

Pro quality audio comes to Android smart phones for video creators and podcasters

zoom am7 mic on android app
Image by Zoom Corp

Zoom is bringing high-quality audio to your Android phone with their new Zoom Am7 stereo UBS-C microphone for Android devices.

Furthermore, the Zoom Am7 joins the popular Zoom iQ6 and iQ7 microphones for iOS devices. And now Android users too can enjoy high-quality 48KHz/16bit audio with the new Zoom Am7. Furthermore, the Am7 is perfect for bringing a polished professional look to your social media videos, musical recordings and video podcasts. 

Zoom also recently announced the new F2-BT compact audio recorder, which you can read more about in our post here.

zoom am7 android usb-c mic mini tripod
Image by Zoom Corp.

Zoom Am7 Android Microphone – Quick Features

  • High-quality mid-side microphone for Android devices
  • Pro Audio Quality Recordings in 48 kHz, 16bit Audio
  • Chose between the following:
    • 90 degrees standard stereo
    • 120 degrees for a wider sonic image
    • Mid-Side for a custom stereo image.
  • Stereo width control
  • Two modes: Audio and Video
  • Flip to record with the selfie camera
  • Works with the ZOOM Handy Recorder App and other apps
  • Audio monitoring without latency when using the ZOOM Handy Recorder app
  • Pre-order at B&H – $99.99 USD
zoom am7 android usb-c mic front analog knob
Image by Zoom Corp.

Zoom Am7 – USB-C, Mid Side and Selfie Mode 

The Zoom Am7 comes with a USB-C connector ensuring connectivity to pretty much all modern Android devices equipped with the universal connector.

The mid-side stereo mic capsule is rotatable for an easy switch between vertical and horizontal use. In addition, thanks to the mid-side technology, users can change the stereo width of your recordings and when connecting a headphone or speakers to the stereo mini jack, you can monitor your recording or listen to music with high quality sound.

Moreover, the Am7 can even shoot in selfie mode and with the front facing analog gain knob and LED level meter you are always in control. These features make the Am7 a highly effective companion for Android users, who want to create high quality audio and video content with their smartphone.

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Pricing and Availability

The new Zoom Am7 stereo microphone for Android devices is priced at $99.99 USD and you can pre-order it now at B&H. For more info and details head over to Zoom’s website here.

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