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Zeiss ZX1 is a full-frame Android camera for $6,000

but it has built-in Lightroom so you can edit your photos in-camera…

Zeiss ZX1 camera front 35mm lens
Image by Zeiss

Yes, Zeiss really made a camera! The Zeiss ZX1 is a 35mm full-frame, Android-based mirrorless camera with built-in Lightroom photo editing for $6,000. 

Initially, Zeiss debut the ZX1 back in 2018 at Photokina, however as more time passed, many though it won’t ever come out. Well, after two years, that days it today. So, if you have deep pockets and want to stand-out from your Leica-neck-strappin’ dentist buddies on your next photo trip, then Zeiss has got the camera for you. 

Full-Frame Camera with a Minimalist Design 

Today, Zeiss finally launched the full-frame ZX1 with a wallet-crushing $6,000 (or Euro) price tag in the US and Germany. The camera packs a 37.4MP full-frame CMOS sensor and a fixed Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f/2 prime lens.

The leaf shutter ensures a silent experience, while the autofocus is based on a phase-detect/contrast-based hybrid system.

According to Zeiss, their design team aimed to bring a sleek, minimalist camera that can capture stellar images, allow photographers to edit those in-camera using professional tools, and share them without the need for a computer. An all-in-one camera that won’t interfere or impede your photographic journey.  


Zeiss ZX1 touchscreen back full-frame android camera
Image by Zeiss

Pure Photography without Distractions

While, the design language of is everything you’d expect from a Zeiss product. For a sleek, modern, and minimalist camera, the ZX1 actually packs quite a bit under the hood. And paired with the Shoot – Edit – Share ethos, the ZX1 has been designed to remove all distractions from the photographic experience. 

On the back, you’ll find a curved 4.3-inch multi-touch display (720p with 338 ppi), that enables you to re-touch your photos directly in-camera. You can edit photos in the built-in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app using presets, sliders and curves and all other familiar manual controls you are used to.

Furthermore, this integration makes it possible for photographers to quickly and easily edit RAW photos in with a familiar interface aided by the fast and intuitive Android OS powering the ZX1.

In addition, the ZX1 comes with a free one-year Lightroom subscription including 1TB of cloud storage.

Built-in Photoshop Lightroom and SSD storage

As this is RAW shooting camera that also edits these files, some serious storage is definitely needed. The camera has a built-in 512 GB internal SSD rated for roughly 7,000 RAW files or more than 50,000 JPEGs.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are of course on-board, and for those who will need to transfer their photos to an external drive, then the included USB-C port has you covered.

Moreover, the camera can receive firmware updates wirelessly, without needing to connect it to an external computer (something all new cameras should really have).

Zeiss ZX1 top dials full-frame android
Image by Zeiss

Zeiss ZX1 – 4K Video Specs

Well, given its niche photography appeal, don’t expect any “wow”-worthy 4K video features in here, despite the premium price tag. In the video department, the ZX1 tops-out at the measly 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) up to 30fps in H.265 recorded in an .mp4 wrapper. 

But, if you are looking for a 4K video camera here, you are looking at the wrong camera. There are tons of more full-frame mirrorless appropriate options out there at the $3K-6K mark including the Canon EOS C70 (which has a its own Speed booster) or the Sony a7S III, among many others. 

Price and Availability

The ZX1 is already available to pre-order at B&H. However, there is no word yet on when deliveries are expected to start.

To learn more and check out sample images head over to Zeiss’ website here.

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