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Zeiss Supreme 18mm T1.5, 40mm T1.5, and 200mm T2.2 Announced

The Supreme’s trio scheduled to ship in September

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Image by Zeiss

Zeiss has just announced three new high-speed, full-frame prime lenses. The new lenses are the Zeiss Supreme 18mm T1.5, 40mm T1.5, and 200mm T2.2

And with the addition of the new 40mm T1.5 prime now there are a total of 14 prime lenses available in the series. The lenses are now available to pre-order from Zeiss authorised cine dealers.

“By adding a 40 millimeter lens, we have introduced a surprise member to the ZEISS Supreme Prime family,” said Christophe Casenave, responsible for Cinema Products at ZEISS. “Since launching these lenses, we have been in constant contact with customers worldwide and will continue to work on further enhancing this family. We added the new lens in order to respond flexibly to our customers’ desire to close the gap between the 35 and 50 millimeter focal length.”

Images by Zeiss

Supreme Lenses for Every Angle

Furthermore, the Zeiss Supreme Prime family includes significant coverage between 15mm and 200mm and maximum apertures from T1.5 to T2.2.

And it is worth noting that the Supreme lenses, although beyond the budget for many, are very fast lenses. With that said, 11 of the 14 lenses have a fast T-stop of T1.5!

Supreme’s are known for their outstanding quality, light weight, and the versatile look of its images. And even better, Zeiss estimated availability sometime in September.

Designed for Large Format Cine Cameras

The Supreme Primes are designed to cover large-format sensors in cine cameras like the Sony VENICE, ARRI Alexa (Mini) LF, and RED Monstro. The versatility of the lenses to create different visual looks – due to the smooth depth of field and elegant bokeh. Thus, making them perfect for a variety of different film productions.

“We designed the ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses specifically for high-end productions. Since their launch, the lenses have been used in a variety of high-budget commercials and music videos, as well as in feature films, dramas, and TV series,” continued Casenave.

For example, award-winning cinematographer Robert McLachlan, ASC, CSC, used Supreme Prime lenses from ZEISS for the upcoming HBO series Lovecraft Country. ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses also helped the film of the hit British series Downton Abbey (DoP Ben Smithard) achieve its unique look. The look of ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses is notable for their elegant bokeh with a very smooth transition between areas that are in focus and out of focus.

DOP David Higgs, BSC, also relied on this versatility for the second season of His Dark Materials. DOP Neville Kidd, ASC, used Supreme Prime lenses from ZEISS for the second season of the popular Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

Images by Zeiss

Pricing and Availability

The new Supreme trio of lenses is scheduled to ship in September 2020. List pricing as follows:

  • 18mm T1.5 – $28,325 USD
  • 40mm T1.5 – $20,625 USD
  • 200mm T2.2 – $33,000 USD

In addition, Zeiss are also planning to release the 15mm T1.8 Supreme Prime lens by the middle of next year. 

Explore the full Zeiss Supreme range over at Zeiss here.

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