Zacuto Sony FX6 Accessories: Z-Finder, Top Plate, Recoil Rig

Zacuto has some really cool accessories for the FX6

Sony FX6 full-frame 16-35 T3.1 cine
Image by Sony

Zacuto has unveiled a range of accessories for the Sony FX6 including a NATO rail compatible top plate, EVF attachment, and Recoil Rig.

Whether it’s a Sony a7s III in a camcorder form-factor, or a more stripped-down version of the bigger FX9, the Sony FX6 is getting lots of video professionals excited. Likewise, this trend is contributing to the growing need to “rig out” the rather compact FX6 for various filming styles. 

Sony FX6 Accessories by Zacuto

No doubt the Sony FX6 is a very capable 4K camera offering full-frame 4K/60p recording in 10bit, in addition to 4K/120fps XAVC-I and even a 16bit RAW output.

Furthermore, the FX6 also offers other major improvements such as variable Electronic ND, and XLR audio inputs.

Zacuto are well known for making quality accessories for plenty of pro cameras, so it’s no surprise they are cooking-up some new accessories for the FX6. 

Image by Zacuto

Zacuto Sony FX6 Top Plate

Built to fit the shape of the FX6 around the original top handle, the new Zacuto FX6 Top Plate can also be used without the Sony handle. One unique functionality of the new Zacuto Top Plate is the integrated NATO rail, which makes it really quick and easy to slide-in accessories in and out. 

In addition, this plate also adds numerous 1/4″-20 and ARRI style 3/8″-16 mounting holes all around the top and sides. Furthermore, this accessory also has 2 x 15mm rod locks to mount 15mm top rods for lens motors support.

sony fx6 lcd monitor eye piece z-finder zacuto
Images by Zacuto

Zacuto Z-Finder attachment for FX6

This eyepiece has been specifically designed to suit the shape and size of the monitor included with the Sony FX6. And since the FX6 does not have a built-in EVF, this is a must-have accessory for those planning to use the FX6 monitor for critical focus work.

The Z-Finder has been around for a while, however according to Zacuto, this is unit has a modified mount. In other words – the optical viewfinder eyepiece is the same as for other models, however, it has been adapted to fit the FX6. Therefore, the Z-Finder comes with a flip up frame designed to slide onto the LCD and lock securely in place.

Furthermore, the red lever at the bottom of the frame allows you to quickly flip the Z-Finder up without removing it from the frame. The advantage of an optical viewfinder like this is that it magnifies the rather low-res LCD screen by 2.5x. In addition, it also has a diopter adjustment for specific focus tuning – great for those camera operators wearing glasses.

Check out this sneak peek video by Zacuto showing most of their new kit for the FX6:

Sony FX6 Z-Finder Shoulder Mounting Kit

The Sony FX6 Shoulder Mounting Kit takes the Zacuto FX6 Z-Finder to a new level. As it allows it to be mounted on the camera comfortably for shoulder mounted setups.

In addition, it includes the Sony FX6 Handle Mount, Axis Micro, 1/4”-20 Fluid Rosette Mount and the Rosette adapter for the Sony LCD. 

This is an ideal solution for using a 3rd party EVF like the Kameleon Pro or others.

Zacuto Sony FX6 Z-Finder Shoulder Mounting Kit

Recoil Rig with Dual Trigger Grips

This shoulder rig has been designed specifically for the Sony FX6 camera. It is also part of Zacuto’s Next Generation Recoil rigs, which are designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted or on a tripod. 

When using the camera in a shoulder mount rig, the balance point must be directly over your shoulder – thus putting the camera behind you. This is very important in order to achieve perfect balance and minimize the stress on your shoulders and back. The Recoil rig adjusts for that balance point and relocates focus, monitoring and camera controls forward, creating a lighter, shorter and properly balanced rig.

The Sony FX6 Recoil  shoulder-mounted rig includes our VCT Pro baseplate, Dual Rosette Trigger Grips to relocate the Sony FX6 handgrip, a 13.5-inch LANC extension cable, the FX6 Top Plate and the FX6 Handle Mount. 

Included accessories with the Zacuto Recoil Rig (with Dual Trigger Grips):

  • VCT Pro Baseplate 
  • Sony Trigger Grip
  • FX6 Top Plate
  • Sony FX6 Handle Mount 
zacuto recoil rig sony fx6
Recoil Rig – Dual Handgrips – Sony FX6 by Zacuto

Pricing and Availability

All of these accessories are currently available to pre-order at Zacuto and also authorized dealers such as B&H.

Head over to Zacuto to browse all their FX6 rigs and accessories.

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