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Wooden Camera RED Komodo Accessories and Camera Kits

Get your RED Komodo production ready with these accessories from Wooden Camera

Images by Wooden Camera

Wooden Camera has just announced their RED Komodo accessories and camera kits to help you rig up your RED for production.

Furthermore, Komodo accessories include a Canon RF to PL mount adapter, V-mount battery adapter, top handle, and more. All accessories can be purchased separately or combined in various accessory kits.

RED Komodo Accessories from Wooden Camera:

  • Canon RF to PL mount Pro
  • Lightweight 15mm baseplate
  • ARCA swiss top mounts
  • Battery Slide Pro
  • B-Box – breakout box with TC and Genlock, plus more.
Battery-Slide-Pro-V-Mount-RED-Komodo wooden camera
Battery Slid Pro (V-mount or Gold mount) – Images by Wooden Camera

Battery Slid Pro (Gold or V-mount)

This adapter attaches to the left Canon BP battery slot and powers the camera using a right angle LEMO compatible connector. Furthermore, users can adjust the position via a thumbscrew that can be loosened to tilt and slide the plate as needed.

In addition to providing longer lasting power options to the KOMODO, the battery plate provides 3 x D-Taps for accessories with over-current protection. 

In the event that more than 5.8A are used by accessories, a digital fuse will trip and the red LED will illuminate but the camera will remain powered. Moreover, Wooden Camera have included a reset button can be pressed to restart accessory power once.

Wooden Camera Accessory Kits for RED Komodo

As they do with lots of other pro cameras on the market, Wooden Camera has designed a few accessory kits to suit just about every level of production – from single operator to a more crew-oriented type of production. 

Pricing starts from $798 USD for the ‘Base’ Red Komodo Kit, and goes up to $1,397 for the ‘Pro’ Kit. 

Wooden Camera Komodo rigs accessory kits2
Images by Wooden Camera

BASE Kit for RED Komodo – $798 

  • Includes LW 15mm Baseplate and Top Handle Kit.
  • 15mm lightweight rod openings at the correct distance to the center of the lens.
  • ARRI standard M6 rosettes on both sides
  • 1/4-20 threaded holes and 3/8-16 ARRI accessory mount on camera right side.
  •  Top Handle Kit (RED KOMODO) comes with a Top Mount that attaches to the camera body with a couple of captive screws
    • provides a center ARCA Swiss dovetail clamping slot along with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes for attaching accessories.

ADVANCED Kit for RED Komodo – $998

  • Builds upon the BASE kit by adding:
  • 2 x 15mm rods (12 inches)
  • Canon RF to PL Pro adapter
  • Complete Top Mount Kit, with Monitor Hinge – read more about it here.

PRO Kit (V-Mount or Gold Mount) – $1,397

  • Also includes the Battery Slid Pro for mounting either Gold mount or V-mount batteries. Explore this kit here.

In the demo video above, you can spot the new SmallHD Focus Pro monitors inspired by the ruggedness of the RED Komodo. Read more about them in our post here.

Wooden Camera B-Box for RED Komodo

The RED Komodo is a powerful, but tiny camera, and precisely because of its limited real-estate, there’s not a lot space for most I/O needed for a production environment. Luckily, the good folks at Wooden Camera have created their own dedicated breakout box for the Komodo – amply called the B-Box. 

Moreover, the B-Box connects to the back of the camera via the right-side Canon BP battery slot leaving you another battery slot to power the camera. 

As such, the tiny breakout connects to the camera’s EXT connector providing the following I/O:

  • R/S (3pin Fischer)
    • for simple start/stop (does not provide power)
  • Timecode In/Out
    • 5-pin LEMO connector with standard wiring in/out
  • CTRL
    • 4-pin LEMO
    • standard wiring for RED CTRL
  • 5V (USB) for powering small accessories
    • 5V available at 500mA maximum
    • power may need to be enabled in camera menu
  • Genlock 
    • standard BNC connector with standard wiring for genlock

Furthermore, according to Wooden Camera, their Battery Slide Pro can be used simultaneously and custom right-angle LEMO compatible connector allows for neat cable run. Canon BP-9 batteries could also be attached in camera-left slot while B-Box is used.

280500-B-Box-RED-Komodo Wooden camera breakout box1
B-Box breakout box for Komodo – Images by Wooden Camera

Learn more about the official Wooden Camera accessories for the RED Komodo and check out the various kits on their website here.

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