Watch a 6 Hour RED Komodo LiveStream with Early Adopters

Spend 6 hours with RED Komodo owners, who share their experience with the camera so far

RED Komodo-6K-Jarred-Land-GDU-Global-Dynamics-United-S35-Redcode-Raw
Image by RED/GDU

RED user/DP Scott Balkum recently moderated a giant 6-hour long RED Komodo marathon Q&A/livestream/discussion with some of the first RED Komodo owners. These include DPs and veteran RED camera users such as Philip Grossman, Phil Holland, Tim Daust, Curtis Boggs, and Jason Diamond.

Each recently received their Special Color Edition RED Komodo cameras and in this livestream, they discuss their findings and experience with the camera so far. 

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This livestream originally aired on June 5th, but if you were like me an missed it – you can re-watch it below. 

RED CEO Jarred Land Shares Insights from RED Komodo Development

Around the half-way mark RED CEO Jarred Land pops in to share some of the history behind the camera development. In addition, he also provides some hints as to possible new functionality coming to the RED Komodo in future firmware updates. 

RED Komodo-6K-Jarred-Land-GDU-Global-Dynamics-United-S35-Redcode-Raw
Image by RED/GDU

This is by no means a TL/DR summary, but here are a few bits that were shared during this discussion.

And if you are like me, and you are seriously considering the RED Komodo as your next camera purchase, I highly recommend you watch the whole thing. Also, Scott has been doing a lot of Komodo related content over on his youtube channel, which you should also check out. 

Huge thanks to Scott for putting this together and all involved, who shared their RED Komodo ownership experience so far. It puts a lot of things into perspective for those trying to decide whether the Komodo is right for them.  

Interesting RED Komodo Trivia/Upcoming Features

  • RED Komodo has been in development, as least since 2015
  • It is a new platform, separate from DSCM2, but not part of DSMC3
  • Originally conceived as a rugged, cinema-grade crash-cam/GoPro style camera for high-end film productions to compliment other bigger RED cameras.
  • Somehow the collapse of the Hydrogen program accelerated the Komodo development, as the company wanted to give something to Hydro-users. Since those were expecting the “camera modules”, which never officially materialized before RED founder Jim Jannard decided to cancel the Hydrogen program altogether. 
  • Build on a new platform, new boards, new sensor. Expect to see some of the new tech in upcoming RED DSMC 3 cameras in the future. 
  • There is a lot of untapped potential in the camera according to CEO Jarred Land, who alluded to a few exciting updates coming up to the Komodo at some point.
    • Such include – firmware updates over Wi-Fi

Jarred also showed a new compact GDU expansion with Timecode and Genlock (which he had teased on Instagram before)

  • Komodo Stormtroopers will most likely start shipping sometime in July.
    • Jarred said they plan on shipping “a lot of Stormtrooper cameras”, which means it could be a while (maybe another month) before normal, production (Black) versions ship.
    • In my opinion, I’d say sometime in mid-to-late August would probably be the earliest you could see regular, production Komodo cameras in the wild. 
  • Right now *as of June, RED is working with a very limited manufacturing capacity (due to COVID restrictions). And, RED plans to ship at least 2 more Special Color Edition Komodos before they focus on Stormtroopers. 
  • No backfocus adjustment on the camera
    • however several RF to PL adapters coming to market soon will possibly have this option
  • Pre-record and Timelapse functions to be added in future
  • Auto-calibration (Blackshading) is significantly faster on Komodo compared to DSMC2. 

You can also catchup on the Komodo in our previous RED Komodo post here. Also, do follow the conversation as its happening on

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