Voigtlander 29mm f/0.8 Super Nokton for MFT Announced

Yes, this lens has an insane max aperture of f0.8!

voigtlander 29mm super nokton
Image by Voigtlander

Legendary lens maker Voigtlander has unleashed the insanely fast 29mm f0.8 Super NOKTON manual prime for Micro Four Thirds. And this super-wide maximum aperture, makes it quite possibly the fastest prime lens in existence. 

Designed exclusively for the Micro Four Thirds standard, the lens has a 42.75 degrees diagonal FOV, which is equivalent to a 58mm lens in full-frame 35mm.

Fastest Documentary Lens for BMPCC 4K and GH5?

Ultra-shallow depth of field and the possibility to shoot in very low-light conditions make it an appealing lens for documentary filmmakers using Panasonic GH5s or the Blackmagic Pocket 4K cameras. 

Pre-order at B&H – Voigtlander Super Nokton 29mm f0.8

voigtlander super nokton
Image by Voigtlander

Unique Optical Formula, World’s Fastest f/0.8 Lens

The new Super Nokton features two uniquely developed GA (Grinding Aspherical surface) elements as part of its advanced optical design with a high melting point. This ensures sharp images even at wide apertures and minimizes chromatic aberation and distortion. 

Switchable Click-Less Aperture Mechanism

Video creators and filmmakers planning on using this lens primarily for video work will be happy to learn that this Super NOKTON f0.8 has an aperture switching mechanism. This feature lets you switch from a stepped aperture to a fluid, click-less design, which is preferred for video work as it provides smooth transitions between aperture changes. 

Furthermore, the Voigtlander Super Nokton 29mm comes with a metal lens hood. 

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Manual Focus and Solid Metal Build

Anyone that has ever used Voigtlander lenses knows how well-build and solid they are. And it appears the new Super Nokton is no different. No autofocus of any kind here – this is a fully manual focus lens.

In addition, the lens includes an all-metal helicoid unit that has been processed and adjusted with high precision and high-quality grease. This enables it to deliver the appropriate torque for smooth and delicate, but most of all accurate focus adjustments.

The closest focusing distance is 1.2 feet, while the 12-blade aperture design should provide smooth, organic and round bokeh. 

Pricing and Availability

The new Voigtlander Super Nokton 29mm f0.8 is priced at $1,799 USD, and you can pre-order now at B&H Photo. The lens is expected to ship from December 10, 2020.

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