VOCAS EF-EOS R 0.71x “Speed Booster” Support for RED Komodo

Use this support bracket to secure the Canon EF-EOS R adapter to your RED Komodo

RED Komodo 6k black production version
Images by RED

Vocas has released a support bracket for the Canon EF-EOS R “Speed Booster” adapter allowing for a more secure fit on the RED Komodo. This is fantastic news for all current and soon-to-be RED Komodo owners looking to get that “full-frame” look with EF lenses. 

Turn the RED Komodo into a Full-Frame Camera!

The Canon EF-EOS R 0.71x adapter allows you to use full-frame EF lenses on R mount Super35 cameras like the Canon EOS C70 (for which it was originally designed). The focal reducer works the same way a Speed Booster works. You can learn more about the Canon 0.71x “Speed Booster” in our post here.

The popular pro camera accessories maker had previously released a cage and other dedicated accessories for the RED Komodo. You can browse these in this post here.

RED Komodo RF mount cine primes from Meike!

Canon EF to EOS R adapter support bracket for RED Komodo by Vocas
Images by Vocas

Dedicated Support Bracket for Komodo

Needless to say, Canon had previously mentioned that their EF-EOS R 0.71x adapter has been specifically made for their EOS C70 RF mount camera, however as soon as it was announced everyone knew that sooner or later people will try and mount it on the RED Komodo. 

And much like the way it mounts on the EOS C70, Vocas has designed a similar, but dedicated support. The bracket uses four screws mounting directly to the Vocas side cages (part numbers 0600-0100). Check out the photo below for a visual.

Furthermore, this support bracket gives the adapter a more stable fit. This is a must when mounting any EF lenses especially bulky zoom lenses. 

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Canon EF to EOS R adapter support bracket for RED Komodo
Image by Vocas

Pricing and Availability

The Vocas support bracket for Komodo is priced at 119 Euro (excl. tax) and you can pre-order from their website here. According to Vocas they expect to ship within two weeks from order. 

via Vocas.

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