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Viltrox Sony E Lens Mount for Z CAM E2 Cameras Announced

New Viltrox E-T10 electronic lens mount lets you use Sony E mount lenses on Z CAM E2 S6, F6, and F8

Viltrox Sony E mount z cam e2 camera
Image by Viltrox

Popular budget lens and accessories maker Viltrox announced a new Sony E lens mount with electronic support for Z CAM E2 cameras. The new lens mount allows for electronic aperture, shutter and ISO control, as well as EXIF data support with Sony E-mount lenses.

Viltrox E-T10 Sony E mount Supported Z CAM E2 cameras:

Compatible Z CAM E2 models include the Z CAM E2 S6, F6, F8 and the most affordable Z CAM E2 M4. The Vitrox E-T10 Sony E lens mount is priced at just $199 USD and you can now pre-order it from B&H.

Viltrox Sony E-T10 lens mount z cam e2 screws
Image by Viltrox

Easy Mounting with Just Four Screws

According to Viltrox, their new E-T10 Sony E mount lens mount for the Z CAM system can be easily installed with just four screws and a hex key. There are no rubber gaskets required. However there is no mention of how the manufacturer has managed to keep it tightly seated against the camera body, which is a bit worrisome. 

Nevertheless, from the photos presented on the Viltrox website, it does appear to be an easy job even for the least technically inclined. 

Also, the adapter does feature an USB port for future firmware upgrades, however there is no mention of AF support. 

Learn more about the most affordable Z CAM E2 M4 here.

Pricing and Availability

If you are in the US you can pre-order from B&H Photo/Video, or alternatively you can do so also directly from Viltrox’s website here

Delivery times are estimated towards the end of January 2021.

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