Vibesta PERAGOS RGBW LED Tubes with Animate Effects

Earlybird discounts available on IndieGoGo

Vibesta peragos pixel rgbw led tube
Images by Vibesta

Vibesta Peragos RGBW LED Tubes for cinematic video production are now on IndieGoGo and if you’re quick you get some serious Early-bird discounts.

The company has been teasing the long-awaited crowdfunding campaign for their colour-tuneable LED tubes, and today is the day of the launch.

If you are familiar with the Rayzr Soft Panel LEDs and their powerful LED fresnels, then I highly recommend you stick around and read more about their entry into the cinema-oriented LED tube market.  

What sizes Peragos LED Tubes are available?

  • Wand 40C – 25W RGBW LED (1.5ft / 45cm)
  • Peragos Tube 60C – 2 ft RGBW LED (30/40W)
  • Peragos Tube 120C – 4 ft RGBW LED (60/80W)
  • Peragos Tube 60C Pixel – 2 ft. RGBW LED with Animatable Effects
  • Peragos Tube 120C Pixel – 4 ft. RGBW LED with Animatable Effects

Targeting video pros filming commercials, music videos, and other “cinematic” content, the Peragos Pixel Tubes are super-versatile and made for heavy onset use. Powered by the Razr Light engine, these LED tubes offer full colour tunability, quality soft output, and loads of special effects. 

RGBW Pixel LED for Cinematic Video Effects

Available in two versions – the ‘standard’ Peragos RGBW LED tube, and the Peragos Pixel Tube each offering 2 sizes – a 2 foot (60cm) and 4 foot (120cm) versions. Furthermore, both offer colour tunability and extended Kelvin range, however the top-of-the-range Pixel tubes take it up a notch with 16 or 32 “animateable” advanced effects.

These include programming different colours running along the length of the light in a rainbow pattern for example. Moreover, Pixel animations can spread across a Pixel Set of multiple tubes for more complex setups. 

Vibesta peragos led tube
Images by Vibesta

Soft, Pleasing, and Powerful Light Output

When it comes to power, the Peragos Tube 60C packs in 30W (expanded to 40W in boost mode), which is a serious punch for a tube light of this size. While the longer Peragos Tube 120C gives you even more brightness thanks to its 60W nominal power (80W in Boost mode).

As mentioned, Continuous Boost Mode enables cinematographers to squeeze some extra brightness without degrading colour. Vibesta also say the Boost mode is not limited by time, but obviously it will drain your battery faster.

And thanks to its advanced custom design, the Peragos Tube aluminium body cools down the LEDs and the special designed 220 degrees tube lens creates a soft and pleasing cinema grade light.

Extended Kelvin Range for Any Lighting Scenario

In White-Light Mode the Peragos Tube offers a Kelvin range of 2800K to 13000K maintaining a TLCI of 93+-1 and a CRI of 96+-2 throughout the entire range.

However, this can be extended in the Extended CCT Mode to the incredible 1500K to 30,000K, giving you more options when needed, maintaining a brightness of at least 80% even at the two extreme CCT ends.

VIbesta peragos Pixel RGB
Images by Vibesta

IP66 Water Resistance with Full Color Tunability 

Unlike some similar LED tubes on the market, the Peragos Tubes are rated IP66 weather-proof giving you some peace of mind when using them outside.

In addition, Vibesta employs custom algorithms for accurate color mixing between several LEDs; also the colour mix is rather advanced thanks to the innovative Rayzr Light Engine, providing a well balanced, accurate, full spectrum light for all your creative needs.

Source Match for More Consistency in Mixed Lighting Situations

These new LED tubes support Source Match, which utilizes the robust Rayzr Light Engine enabling cinematographers to match any light source. Just enter the X/Y coordinates you measured and your fixture will be an exact match bringing consistency to your lighting. 

Vibesta peragos 4x battery charging station
4-way battery charger / Image by Vibesta

Removable Battery, Modular Control Unit, Accessories

Controller and Smart Li-Ion battery pack for the Peragos Tube are removable. This is a huge plus, as their modular nature gives you more options for setup. Moreover, the controller is compatible to both the Peragos 60C and 120C and you can power the tubes by AC directly through the controller.

And since the Smart Lithium-Ion battery is removable and rechargeable, you can get a few extra ones and never run out of juice. Users can power the Peragos Tube for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

In addition, Vibesta is also offering a 4x battery charger capable of recharging multiple units at once and even from within their case.

Plus, when you connect the AC adapter to the controller and the Smart Li-Ion battery pack is also attached to the unit it automatically charges during operation.

peragos rgb led tube ipad control
Image by Vibesta

Wireless Control via RTX Control App

The new Peragos RGBW LED tubes also support wireless operation from an iPad thanks to the the RTX control app. Fortunately you don’t need to be a lighting designer, engineer or expert to create complex lighting setups. And that thanks to the intuitive and simple to use interface. 

Advanced control functions enables you to control each light in depth, separately or in groups of lights, with ease. The downside however, is that remote operation does require an RTX1 router for App control or Wi-fi remote. The RTX1 router is priced at 149 Euros. 

RTX control app router vibesta peragos led tubes
Images by Vibesta

Limited Early Bird specials on IndieGoGo start at 199 Euro for the most compact Wand 40C, and 269 Euro (22% Off) for the Peragos Tube 60C. 

For more info head over to Vibesta’s website here.

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