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Vaxis Cine8 Wireless Monitor with 6G-SDI and HDMI announced

Vaxis announced new 9-inch high 1500 nits monitor with built-in wireless

Vaxis Cine 8 monitor 6G-SDI HDMI wireless
Images by Vaxis

Vaxis has announced the Cine8 – a new 8.9-inch, high-bright monitor with built-in wireless capabilities designed for cinematography. 

Powered by the company’s new CineOS, the Cine8 targets professional users with some impressive features such as 6G-SDI input, and output support, and a 1500 nits bright high-resolution display paired with an intelligent focus assist algorithm for super sharp images.

Vaxis Cine8 – Receive a Wireless Video Signal From Up to 3000 feet 

Furthermore, the Cine8 from Vaxis comes with a built-in Vaxis Storm 3000RX receiver, and it also compatible with the rest of the Storm series transmitters. It can receive a clean signal from distances up to around 915-1000 meters line of sight. 

Vaxis annonced ATOM 600 KG Wireless Adapter for RED KOMODO

In addition, the monitor features an Internal/External antenna switch allowing users to chose whether to use the built-in antennas or use the 5-bladed fin type attachments to get a more stable signal.  

Vaxis Cine8 Wireless Monitor Features

  • 1500nits bright, 8.9 inches touch screen (2560 x 1600) screen resolution, 330ppi
  • In-house developed CINE OS touch operating system
  • Built-in wireless receiver (Storm 3000 RX)
    • Around 3000ft range (914 meters)
    • Frequency sweep function
    • “Antenna-less” design (can be used with 5 x blade antennas for stronger signal)
    • Internal / External antenna switch 
    • Cross-compatible with all Storm series transmitters
    • Wireless Operating Frequency: 5.1 GHz to 5.9 GHz
  • Screen split, monitor different signal sources on the same screen
  • Simultaneous display of wireless signal and SDI/HDMI
  • 6G SDI I/O and HDMI input
    • Cross-conversion – 4K supported from SDI input to SDI output only
  • Self-developed AFCA intelligent focus assist algorithm and dynamic video enhancement algorithm create an unprecedented sharpness of the edge of the picture and control the most convenient way to focus
  • Tetrahedral interpolation 3D-LUT, precise colour adjustment in three-dimensional space
    • 5x built-in LUTs
    • Users can upload unlimited number of custom 3D LUTS
  • Plenty of pro exposure/focus monitoring tools including: 
    • Focus Assist, 
    • Peaking
    • Monochrome mode
    • Histogram, Vectorscope
    • Waveform etc.
    • Anamorphic de-squeeze
  • Target market – professional filmmakers, directors, focus pullers, etc.
  • Price: $3,999 USD

View 2 Video Signals at the Same Time

Thanks to its advanced built-in functionality, the new Vaxis Cine8 allows users to display two signals at the same time on the monitor’s high-res display and view different camera angles for example. 

This functionality can be very useful not only for cinematographers, but also for directors or clients on set. 

Support for UHD 4K and 4K DCI up to 30p via HDMI and/or SDI 

The Cine8 supports a huge range of video signals and resolutions from 1080p, to 2K, 10bit, 12bit 444 and also 4K DCI, including 24, 25p and 30p. 

Users, who plan to feed a 4K DCI or UHD signal up to 30p, can also loop it via the SDI out, however a 4K to HD conversion is not available via HDMI to SDI, only SDI to SDI. 

Multiple Power Options

The new Vaxis Cine 8 monitor can be powered by either V-mount, Gold-mount, or alternatively 2 x NP-F style batteries. And this is thanks to the removable battery plates, which makes it easy to swap between power options on set if required. 

Also, the monitor looks well built and has an option to be kitted out with wooden handles on the side and a french flag on top. 

Images by Vaxis

Pricing and Availability

The Vaxis Cine8 is priced at $3,999 USD and expected to ship sometime in September. We expect this monitor to be listed for pre-order on B&H soon, and we’ll update this post accordingly.

For more info and tech specifications head over to the official website here.

via Vaxis


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