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VAXIS Launches ATOM 600 KV Wireless for RED KOMODO

This dedicated wireless video system for RED Komodo has a few tricks up its sleeve…

vaxis atom 600 kv wireless komodo 6k
Image by Vaxis

Vaxis has officially launched their long-awaited ATOM 600 KV wireless video system specifically designed for the RED Komodo 6K camera.

A few months ago, we wrote about the initial announcement, however it has taken some time for Vaxis to improve their initial design and make a few changes based on early feedback.

Dedicated Wireless Video Transmitter for RED Komodo 

The Atom 600 KV can tirelessly transmit 1080p/60 video at up to 600 feet line of sight, with very low 0.08s latency. And unlike your average wireless video transmitter, it has a built-in V-mount battery plate and additional I/O. 

red komodo stormtrooper with vaxis atom 600 kv wireless video tx
Image by Vaxis

ATOM 600 KV Wireless Video with Integrated V-Mount Plate – Quick Features

  • Dedicated Wireless Video System for RED Komodo
  • Transmit Full HD 1080p wireless video up to 600 feet range
  • Less than 0.08s latency
  • SDI / HDMI loop-out
    • Built-in HDMI & SDI signal converter
    • Connect HDMI accessories/monitors/EVF and more
  • Adjustable Horizontal / Vertical V-mount battery plate orientation
  • Real-time smart app monitoring 
  • Compatible with all VAXIS Wireless RX
  • Send wireless video to up to 3 mobile devices via WiFi
  • Supports 13 channels, auto channel scan and selection
  • Smart fan for temperature control
  • OLED screen for easy information access
  • Scan QR code to monitor
  • Firmware upgrade via a smartphone app
  • Pass-code protection
  • Audio-video 100% in sync
  • Switchable Modes:
    • Image priority / Latency priority
  • Supports up to 1080p60/1080i 60 video
  • USB-C port for firmware upgrade and 5V/2A power output
  • Pre-order: $749 USD from B&H Photo
Image by Vaxis

HDMI Output and SDI In / Out

It mounts directly into the Canon BP battery slots of the RED Komodo, and also features an OLED display, power pass-thru, and SDI/HDMI loop out. That last one – HDMI output is a big deal since the KOMODO lacks an HDMI output of its own. 

Moreover, this allows many users to mount 3rd party budget EVFs or HDMI-only monitors to their RED Komodo camera rig. This opens quite a few possibilities for RED Komodo owners. 

In addition, the Atom 600 KV has a built-in smart fan, which can be turned on or off. This feature can be very useful in mission critical sound situations.  

Atom 600 KV TX promo by Vaxis

Wireless Video to up to 3 Smart Devices

You can send a wireless video signal (via WiFi) to up to 3 smart phones or tablets running the VAXIS Vision iOS app (Android version is in the works), or alternatively to a VAXIS wireless receiver. The ATOM 600KV is compatible with the latest ATOM 500 SDI system (and the rest of the VAXIS family).

Pre-order the RED Komodo 6K at B&H Photo

atom 600 kv wireless for komodo v-mount vertical plate
Image by Vaxis

Horizontal/Vertical V-mount plate Orientation

One of the main requests on the initial Atom KV 600 posting on the reduser forum was that a lot of users wanted the ability to use the V-mount plate vertically.

And, Vaxis has delivered – users now have the option to rotate the V-mount plate horizontally or vertically depending on their style or preference.

Pricing and Availability

The new VAXIS ATOM 600 KV is priced at $749 for the TX only version.

Alternatively, you can purchase the the ATOM 600 KV Kit, which also comes with the ATOM 500 SDI RX for $999. Both are currently available to pre-order directly from Vaxis or authorised dealers such as B&H Photo in the US.

For more info head over to the Vaxis Global website here.

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