VAXIS ATOM 600 KG (Gold Mount) Wireless Adapter for RED KOMODO

Vaxis brings out the Gold mount version of the ATOM 600 wireless for RED Komodo

Vaxis Atom 600 KG red komodo wireless gold mount
Images by Vaxis

Vaxis launches Atom 600 KG – a new wireless adapter specifically designed for the RED Komodo with a built-in Gold mount plate at the back. 

Prior, Vaxis had released the Atom 600 KG wireless video transmission system for the Komodo, which is compatible with V-mount batteries. This setup saves you a lot of space on your camera rig, as the built-in wireless transmitter sends a powerful line ­of ­sight signal up to 600ft line of sight.

In addition, the long transmission range and stable connection comes with a very low latency of just with 0.08 seconds. The transmitter features a single SDI input as well as SDI and HDMI loop outputs with support for video signals up to 1080p60 and 1080i/60.

Explore the ATOM 600 KV for RED KOMODO

Furthermore, the Atom 600 KG connects directly to the battery holder on the rear of the RED Komodo. However, for those that prefer a vertical fit, unlike the Atom600 KV, the Gold mount version can be rotated vertically.

RED Approved Battery Plate/Accessory

And last, but certainly not least, the Atom 600 KG passed the coveted RED certification. This ensures the correct functionality of the battery communication protocol provides accurate readings of battery voltage and power status on the Komodo top screen.

Moreover, the TX (transmitter) allows you to transmit video signals to a separately available Vaxis Atom 500 receiver. It features an OLED screen with a simple interface with clear functions for an unobtrusive user experience.

Vaxis also provides an app for real-time viewing on smart devices. 

White version for RED Komodo Stormtrooper Edition

Swap your V-mount for Gold mount plate

And also, there’s good news for ATOM 600 KV users – they can buy just the G-Mount Battery plate for $80 from Vaxis and replace the battery plate to use Gold mount batteries on the ATOM 600.

Pricing and Availability

The newly launched Vaxis Atom 600KG Kit includes the Atom 600 KG Transmitter and an Atom 500 SDI Receiver. It is priced at $999, while the G­-Mount battery plate for Atom 600 TX costs $80 USD.

For more technical details and specifications head over to Vaxis’ website here.

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