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3 Underrated Cinematography YouTube Channels You Must Sub

You won’t find any flashy epic B-Roll or ‘cinematic LUTs’ here…

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Forget the Sony a7s III announcement tomorrow! Instead, dive into some of the best cinematography related educational content on Youtube from working pros. 

We all spend too much time on YouTube these days, and most of it for the wrong reasons. I am guilty of this as much as the next person, however, as of late I’ve been forcing myself to predominantly use YouTube as an educational resource. 

There’s no epic B-roll, super-dank slow-mo footage (because shooting in 60fps for a 24p timeline is always more cinematic), ‘cinematic LUTs or presets’ or any magic tricks here.

‘Hidden Gems’ Cinematography-Related YouTube Resources

On the contrary, in this blog post I’ve put together a short list of 3 underrated and less known Cinematography-related YouTube resources that I have been diving deep into over the past few months and even longer.

Unlike most popular filmmaking/cinematography related content creators out there (some of which don’t get me wrong are quite good), these are more low-key channels run by working pros (cinematographers or gaffers) and are filled with some absolutely invaluable tips, tricks, tutorials, and knowledge bombs.

Some of you probably know some (or all) of these channels in which case, I salute you! In any case, in no particular order here they are.

Rob Ellis – Cinematic Lighting Tutorials

A cinematographer from the UK, Rob Ellis has some of the most accessible and easy to understand and follow cinematic lighting technique tutorials regardless of level of your level of experience.

In the example below, he shows us how to use the ‘Cove Light’ lighting technique often used by Roger Deakins. His channel has quite a few other very helpful and straight to the point tutorials you should definitely check out. 

ANDBERY – Cinematic Lighting Techniques with Some Incredible Examples

Hailing from Russia, ANDBERY is one of the most talented young cinematographers I’ve seen on Youtube. And he started just 7 years ago with a crappy DSLR… He may only have a handful of videos on his YouTube channel at the moment, but they are all pure gold.  

Today he works in narrative, commercials, and music videos, and his channel features some stunning work with the BMPCC 4K. Not that the camera matters anyway.

Furthermore, his lighting technique is on point and also a great example of how to shoot cinematic with the help of not just lighting, but also production design and the art department. 

His demo work he features on his channel is complimented by behind the scenes materials and lighting schematics, which are very helpful.

I highly recommend you also check out his rather inspirational ‘My Filmmaking Journey’ video, which stresses the importance of practice and immersing ones self in mastering lighting for a cinematic look. 

In Depth Cine – Practical Cinematography Video Essays

Ran by Gray Kotze, a South Africa based cinematographer, IDC brings you some very well produced and highly informative video essay breakdowns of the Cinematography Style of today’s top Hollywood DoPs and the techniques they use. 

In Depth Cine is as legit as it gets. Gray also worked as a 2nd AC on a high-end car commercial DP-ed by Jeff Cronenweth, one of the top Hollywood cinematographers working today, who shot numerous films for David Fincher including ‘Fight Club’, ‘The Social Network’, ‘Gone Girl’ and others.

In addition, Gray shares his experience and the 3 Things He Learned working with Jeff Cronenweth in this video here – which is my top recommendation.

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