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Tokina ATX-i 17-35mm f/4 FF Wide Angle Zoom Announced

The lens will be available for $599 in December for Nikon and Canon EF mounts

tokina atx-i 17-35mm f4 full-frame wide angle zoom
Image by Tokina

Tokina has expanded their wide-angle zoom portfolio with the new ATX-i 17-35mm f4 FF for full-frame DSLRs. The lens is due to ship in December for $599 USD.

Full-Frame Wide-Angle Zoom for Canon and Nikon DSLRs (or mirrorless via adapters)

The new atx-i 17-35mm f4 FF covers 35mm full-frame sensors and will ship in Nikon F and Canon EF mounts. With a field of view exceeding 103 degrees, the new atx-i 17-35mm is suitable for both landscape and architecture photography and also video work.

Furthermore, the constant f/4 aperture paired with a robust design ensure a reasonable size to weight ratio, making it quite portable and versatile. 

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Tokina atx-i 17-35mm f4 FF Quick Features 

  • Сompact and lightweight wide-ange zoom for full-frame
  • Precise AF thanks to Tokina GMR sensor and SD-M (Silent Drive-Module)
  • Extremely low distortion and vignetting
  • Good sharpness throughout the image
  • Moisture protected lens mount 
  • One-Touch Focus Clutch system for quick switching between AF and MF
  • Available lens mounts:
    • Canon EF
    • Nikon F
  • Price: $599 USD – ships in December, 2020.

Fast and Precise AF & One-Touch Focus Clutch

Tokina has some excellent and legendary wide-angle zoom lenses that video creators love – one of them being the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. However, the 11-16mm covers only APS-C and Super35 sensors, while the new 17-35mm f4 FF covers full-frame sensors.

This makes it ideal for adapting onto Sony mirrorless cameras such as the Sony a7sIII for example. And although you probably won’t get the super-fast response that native Sony lenses give you, AF nevertheless should be satisfactory.

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Best performance is achieved as usuall with DSLR lenses on EF or Nikon DSLR bodies. Tokina says their new 17-35m f4 FF has fast and accurate AF thanks to the combination of Tokina GMR sensor and SD-M (Silent Drive-Module).

Advanced Optical Formula

The new Tokina wide-angle zoom features two Super-Low Dispersion glass elements and three aspherical glass elements. This ensures exceptional contrast and sharpness as well as significantly reducing chromatic aberrations.

If you’ve ever used Tokina wide angle zoom such as the 11-16mm ATX you know how the One-touch Focus Clutch Mechanism works. It allows users to switch between AF and MF simply by snapping the focus ring forward for AF and back toward the lens mount for manual focusing.

Pricing and Availability

You can pre-order the new Tokina ATX-i 17-35mm f4 FF for $599 USD from authorized dealers. The lens is due to start shipping December 11, 2020.

For full specs head over to Tokina’s website here.

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