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Tokina 40mm T1.5 Cinema Vista Prime Announced

Tokina adds Roger Deakins’ favourite focal length to Vista cine prime line-up

Tokina 40mm t1.5 cine full-frame
Image by Phil Holland/Tokina

Tokina launches their latest Cinema Vista prime lens – the Tokina 40mm T1.5 full-frame prime cine lens covering RED Monstro 8K and VENICE. Adding to their range of excellent super-fast cine primes, the new 40mm joins the other seven Vista prime lenses in their esteemed range. 

One of Roger Deakins’ favourite and go-to focal lengths, the 40mm T1.5 Cinema Vista is the latest in the Tokina Vista line-up including also:

  • 18mm T1.5 Cinema Vista
  • 25mm T1.5 Cinema Vista
  • 35mm T1.5 Cinema Vista
  • 50mm T1.5 Cinema Vista
  • 85mm T1.5 Cinema Vista
  • 105mm T1.5 and
  • 135mm T1.5 Cinema Vista

Rated for 8K+ Vista Vision capture, the Tokina Vista line-up covers full-frame and VV sensors including the RED Monstro and Panavision DXL2.

Sweet Spot and a Unique In-Between Perspective

Furthermore, the Tokina Vista 40mm T1.5 fills a sweet spot with a unique perspective between the classic 35mm and 50mm focal lengths giving cinematographers yet another excellent option to further expand their creativity.

There have been, as you know whole movies shot on just one lens – a 40mm FOV being one of them, but that’s a topic for another post.

Tokina cinema vista lineup
Image by Tokina

ARRI Alexa MINI LF, RED Monstro 8K Coverage

The Vista 40mm T1.5 has an image circle of 46.7mm which easily covers RED Monstro 8K VV and ARRI Alexa Mini LF 4.5K Open Gate formats.

In addition, the Tokina 40mm T1.5 also features an area of illumination that will cover larger formats up to ARRI Alexa65 2:1 Open Gate. The lens retains the same form factor as other Vista Prime lenses with a 114mm front diameter and weight of approximately 2.25kg (5 lbs) which is similar to others in the series.

Interchangeable Lens Mounts – ARRI LPL, PL, Sony E, EF and more

Furthermore, the lens will be available in various (interchangeable) PL, EF, MFT, Sony E, and ARRI LPL mounts.

As with the rest of the Vista line-up, the new 40mm comes with a very well controlled distortion and chromatic aberration, in addition to minimal focus breathing, soft pleasing flare and gentle roll-off from subject to background.

Tokina cinema vista 40mm t1.5 full-frame pl lens
Image by Tokina

Cinematographer Phil Holland said this about the new Tokina 40mm T1.5:

“The announcement of the Vista 40mm T1.5 Tokina Cinema Vista truly excites me. The Vista Primes have been my main go-to glass on projects since their release and adding intermediate focal lengths to the series expands what I can do with these lenses. VistaVision is my main filming format and the 40mm feels noticeably wider than a regular 50mm, yet still very appealing as a normal lens.

It’s also a bit longer and more intimate than the 35mm which I routinely use for wide mediums and closeups… It can be used for all types of framing without perspective ever becoming a distraction and doesn’t feel as tight as a 50mm.

I’m happy to see the Vista 40mm T1.5 maintain the optical heritage and character of the rest of the prime set which allows me to use it seamlessly with the other focal lengths as needed. This is a very welcome addition and likely a focal length I may film entire projects with.”

Price and Shipping Info

The new Cinema Vista 40mm T1.5 is priced at $7,500 USD and will be available from Tokina Cinema USA as well as authorised dealers such as B&H (pre-order link here). 

You can explore the Tokina Cinema lens range further over here.

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