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Tiltaing Sony a7s III Cage from Tilta is in the works

Tilta is bringing an affordable dedicated cage for the Sony A7sIII

sony a7siii cage tiltaing
Image by Tilta

Popular camera accessories maker Tilta has an affordable Tiltaing Sony a7s III cage in the works. In addition, the company will be offering numerous new accessories for this new cage including rotating top handles, side handles and more.

No stranger to great looking cages, Tilta also announced their cage for the RED Komodo a while back. And now, have put together a versatile, yet lightweight camera cage for the Sony a7s III, which will surely be an extremely popular camera.

Protect and Expand your a7sIII with Tilta’s New Cage

Designed to augment and protect the camera, their new cage also allows for some serious customization – with a new rotating top handle, rotating side handles, ARRI standard rosette mounts, and much more.

The Tiltaing A7sIII Half Cage will start at just $39 USD, and the Full Cage at $79 for the full cage in both Tactical Gray and Black. And this is quite affordable considering other options soon to hit the market. 

Tilta says they will release further details on accessories, pricing and availability soon.

sony a7siii cage tiltaing
Image by Tilta

Two Colour Options and Rotating Top Handle

Much like their latest cages for the RED Komodo for example, the a7sIII cage will be available in Tactical Gray or Black colour schemes.

A new rotating top  handle will also quickly enable you to shoot vertical for social media at the press of a button. 

The Half Cage is rated at just 95grams, while the Full Cage at 260g, making them very lightweight. Needless to say, both cages will arrive with plenty of 1/4″ mounting points for accessories. A couple of cold-shoe mounts can also be seen in the promotional photos below. 

sony a7siii cage tiltaing
Image by Tilta

Adjustable Side Handle with Start/Stop Recording

Judging by the USB-C port on the bottom of the new Adjustable Side Handles, they will  be able to provide power from the grip and Start/Stop recording.  

sony a7siii cage tiltaing side handle
Image by Tilta

As someone that is patiently waiting for my A7s III pre-order to arrive, I am also currently weighing in my options for a cage. So far there are some really interesting options from 8Sinn and SmallRig, and now with Tilta in the mix, the choice becomes even harder. 

I’ll wait and see full pricing on the accessories and then decide, but from what I am seeing now, I am really leaning towards that Tactical Gray Tiltaing cage. 

Pricing and Availability

The Half Cage will start at $39 USD, while the Full Cage at $79. No other pricing details are available at the moment. Explore the a7s III cage in more detail here.

For all things Tilta head over to their website here.

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