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TILTA Hydra Car Stabilization and Float Systems Updates

Tilta updates much-awaited stabilization systems; new pricing from Feb 5th

tilta hydra alien car stabilizer system
Images in this post by Tilta

Popular camera and stabilizer accessories maker Tilta announces design updates to their latest TILTA Hydra Car Mount and Float Systems.

Alongside their impressive DJI RS2 Accessories System, Tilta also unelided their Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mounting System and Tilta Float System last Fall. And ever since then, these two stabilization systems have been eagerly awaited.

In a recent blog post on their website, Tilta announced the company has made design changes to both systems “that will improve the overall experience with the product”.

These changes were implemented based on feedback from early adopters and beta testers and are geared towards making both a bit more easier to assemble and setup. 

Tilta Float System Updates

According to Tilta, their new Float System gains some additional support that will extend operating times. Furthermore, with this new support implementation, will also allow camera operators to get longer shots without getting too tired quickly.

You can explore further the Tilta Float System here.

Tilta Float handheld gimbal support for DJI RS2
Image by Tilta

Hydra Alien Car Mounting System 

The other stabilization system getting an update is the long-awaited Tilta Alien Car Mount. It will be modified with the additional parts to provide a more stable image on the tougher uneven roads. Also, the new version will be able to sustain cold weather up to -22°F (-30°C).

Unfortunately, these improvements will come at a cost – and as such pricing will increase. However, regardless, these two stabilization systems are still quite affordable considering their functionality, and what other much more expensive systems from the other companies cost

tilta hydra car mount
Image by Tilta

Price Increase for new orders from February 5th

The price changes go into effect on February 5th and new orders will ship out in about 8 weeks. Existing pre-orders will include these improvements. Great news for those who’ve already pre-ordered you get the lower price and new improvements. 

How to Assemble the TILTA Hydra Alien Car Mount System:

To learn more head over to Tilta’s website here.

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