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Tilta DJI RS2 Float Handheld Gimbal Support Tutorial

The support system is scheduled to ship end of January

Tilta Float handheld gimbal support for DJI RS2
Image by Tilta

If you are planning on getting the Tilta Float DJI RS2 Gimbal Support system, this is the tutorial you need to watch first! 

The well-known accessories maker were handpicked by DJI to create a dedicated range of pro accessories for their DJI RS2 gimbal, and the Tilta Float support system is one of their crown jewels. 

Explore in more detail the DJI RS2 Ecosystem of accessories here.

What is the Tilta Float Gimbal Support System?

Some call it a mini (or budget) ARRI Trinity, which is a high-end stabilizer system for larger cine cameras like the ALEXA Mini/SXT and others. And they won’t be too far off, granted you plan to use much smaller cameras. 

However, in all seriousness, the Tilta Float Handheld System is quite awesome! It basically takes your DJI RS2 and transforms it into a stabilizing machine. And as such, it takes the load of your shoulders and provides additional vertical stabilization thanks to a spring-loaded arm. See it in action pictured below.

dji rs2 handheld gimbal counterbalance steadicam
Image by Tilta

Smoother Cinematic Shots without the Arm Strain

In addition, the Tilta Float Gimbal Support System gives cinematographers a more stable platform to create fluid cinematic shots. These would otherwise may not be possible to achieve relying on the gimbal stabilizer alone.

The counterweight-based post provides further stabilization, while the spring-loaded arm and support vest distribute the weight of the rig onto your torso. This way your arms and shoulders are not as strained, allowing for longer operating times.

Check out this awesome official tutorial below, which shows users how to assemble the system.

Versus Steadicam?

Compared to the traditional Steadicam system, the Tilta Float System is constructed out of carbon fibre and lightweight aluminium. This greatly reduces the weight of the overall system that needs to be lugged around and carried on your body during filming. 

Furthermore, this highly modular design makes the system more compact and easy to transport. And even better – each components can be purchased individually.

Similar support systems are often confusing and intimidating to build properly, so be sure to check out this official tutorial below. 

How to Assemble the Tilta Float Handheld Gimbal Support for DJI RS2:

It works in a very similar manner as the more traditional Steadicam, however, it is a lot more affordable at $1,199 USD.

Pricing and Availability

The Tilta Float Support system is now available to pre-order at B&H here in either Gold mount or V-mount. According to Tilta, their Float Support system is expected to ship any day now (end of January 2021, as per their website).

Alternatively check out more details at Tilta’s website via the link below.

via Tilta

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