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Canon EOS R5 Overheating? Tilta Has a Cooling Fan Kit and Cage for It

No joke, Tilta is making a cooling fan for the EOS R5 to help with overheating issues

Tilta Cage cooling fan for Canon EOS R5 8k 4k
Images by Tilta

Tilta Cooling Kit and Cage for the EOS R5! 

Yep, this is not a joke – popular accessories maker Tilta is working on a cooling fan solution to help deal with overheating issues on the Canon EOS R5. Canon may have gone overboard on the video specs of the R5, but the camera’s overheating issues are quite evident.

We’ve all seen the tests and Canon even issues warnings about it in their official brochure and product page. And, while it certainly sucks that it overheats even in certain 4K recording modes, third party accessories manufacturers like Tilta are coming to the rescue. 

Canon EOS R5 Cooling Kit by Tilta

At first, I thought this was a joke, but when I got the official email from Tilta saying they are working on such solution, I dug deeper.

Overall, this cooling fan, as with all Tilta accessories appears to be nicely designed and well-built, but this is far from just a shiny accessory. It appears to be a functional accessory, and it very well could help you cool down the Canon EOS R5

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Tilta Cage cooling fan for Canon R5
Images by Tilta

At the moment, details are pretty sparse as this is just a teaser, but from the information released so far by Tilta on their website, it appears that the EOS R5 Cooling Kit includes a USB powered fan accessory that sits in the swivel screen slot. Furthermore, Tilta say that this cooling fan is easily removable and does not block the screen. 

According to Tilta, the cooling fan is said to be able to bring down temperatures to 59F within a minute. 

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Heat Sink with a Temperature Sensor

Also it appears the EOS R5 Cooling Kit weighs just 6 ounces and includes a fan with a 7 blade design. The fan speed is rated at 6200 RPM, while the noise is rated at 34db.  Having a fast spinning fan at the back of the camera may cause some issues with recording sound in camera with an on-camera mic. However the extent of this effect remains to be tested when the accessory is released.

Furthermore the module combines a fan, heat sink and temperature sensor. It appears to have an automatic trigger function, which allows the fan to kick in when a certain temperature is reached. 

The Canon EOS R5 is weather-sealed and passively cooled, which is one of the main reasons for overheating, so a cooling fan accessory may actually help. The Panasonic S1H for example has an internal fan for this exact reason. 

Canon EOS R5 Cage by Tilta

In addition, just for the record Tilta is also developing a dedicated cage for the EOS R5, which looks slick and functional with plenty of accessory mounting options and a couple of cold-shoe mounts. 

Tilta Cage Canon EOS R5
Images by Tilta

Tilta say they will have more information such as pricing and release details on the cage and cooling kit for the EOS R5 in August. 

If it does what it says on the tin, the Tilta EOS R5 Cooling Kit may very well become a must-have accessory for Canon EOS R5 owners. Exciting times head…

For more info on all Tilta accessories head over to their website here.

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