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TILTA Cage for Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 Available to Order

Base cage pricing starts at $99 USD

Tilta cage for Canon R5 R6 cameras
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Tilta announces their form-fitting cage designed for the Canon EOS R5 and R6 full-frame mirrorless cameras is now available. Furthermore, users can chose from two color options – Black and Tilta Gray, but if you ask me – they both looks awesome. 

Tilta Cage for Canon EOS R5 starts at $99 

Tilta is known for making quality, yet affordable camera accessories, and their cages are no exception. Pricing starts at just $99 USD for the base model, and for $50 more you can add a top handle. In addition, plenty of already existing accessories such as V-mount brackets, monitor mounts, and lens supports are also compatible with the new cage. 

At the front, the Tilta cage for Canon R5 features a built-in silicone padding on top and bottom protects the camera body. ,And as you’d expect from a quality cage, you also get a threaded mounting hole for lens adapter support.

And while some of you may recall that Tilta had announced a cage with a full-blown fan for the R5 because of the overheating issue, we still don’t have any info on whether this product will actually hit the market any time soon. 

Plenty of 1/4″-20 Threads for Accessories

Moving over to the side, the cage features plenty of 1/4”-20 threaded holes for mounting accessories. Furthermore, the cage also features a cable clamp attachment mounting hole for protecting the port while mounting HDMI cable. 

Cages are vital for mirrorless cameras when it comes to good quality audio. And this is where the Tilta cage comes in with its cold shoe mount for mounting microphone or a compact on-camera LED light such as the Nanlite Litolite 5C.

In addition, Tilta is also making available a Top handle with a 360 degree rotation. Moreover, the cage also features dual cold shoe mounts with locating pins on the front and back. 

 tilta cage canon r5

Building  up from the base cage for $99, we go up to the “full” camera cage for $149, which provides complete protective armor for the Canon R5/R6 cameras. It provides several 1/4”-20 mounting points as well as two cold shoe mounting points.

A variety of different baseplates can be attached to the bottom of the cage, allowing for various rod mounting and optional power supply configurations.

The quick release top handle and various optional side handles can be attached to the cage to provide for different ways to comfortably operate your camera setup.

This kit of the Canon R5/R6 cage includes: the base Canon R5/R6 cage as well as the quick release top handle.

Tilta “Air-cooled” Cage Design for Canon EOS R5

Tilta “Full” Cage for EOS R5/R6 includes:

  • Full Camera Cage for Canon R5/R6
  • TILTAING Quick Release Handle
  • ARCA Quick Release Plate for Sony a7S III
  • Tiltaing Manfrotto Quick Release Plate Type II
  • HDMI Cable Clamp Attachment for Canon R5/R6
  • HDMI to Micro HDMI Adapter

To learn more head over to TILTA’s website here.

You can order the Canon EOS R5 or R6 at B&H here.

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