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Teradek TOF.1 Rangefinder for RT Lens Control Announced

Teradek “supercharges” your focus pulls with new RT accessory

Teradek TOF.1 rangefinder for rt lens control
Image by Teradek

Wireless pro video leader Teradek announces the TOF.1 Rangefinder for Teradek RT lens control systems for hyper-accurate focus.

In essence, the TOF1. Rangefinder is a compact and lightweight (only 125g) infrared (IR) rangefinder, which provides constant distance readouts between your subject and the camera.

Supercharge Your Focus Pulls with More Precision

And, it simply connects to your Teradek MDR.X Lens Control Receiver and provides accurate distance readouts on Teradek CTRL.1 or CTRL.3 wireless handheld controllers.

Furthermore, LED infrared beams measure the distance of subjects within a 3 degree field of view of TOF.1’s proximity sensor, at a line-of-sight range of up to 100ft.

Therefore, the radius of the sensor’s FOV will narrow or widen as a subject moves toward/away from the camera, allowing a long range of focal detection from macro close-ups to farther distances.

Teradek TOF.1 rangefinder focus control autofocus lens control teradek RT
Image by Teradek

Teradek TOF.1 IR Rangefinder Quick Features

  • Line-of-sight up to 100ft
  • Refresh rate 60x per second
  • Infrared Distance Measurement tool for Focus Pullers
  • Autofocus with Teradek RT CTRL.1, CTRL.3
  • Single cable for Power and Control
  • Detachable Laser Sight
  • Customizable Distance Overlays on SmallHD Monitors
  • Pre-order: $3,490 USD at B&H 

Bring Responsive Autofocus to Your Cine Rig

Autofocus can be enabled by programming any User Button on the Teradek RT CTRL.1 or CTRL.3. Once you identify and set a focal point, the lens motor will adjust accordingly. And what’s even more fascinating is that the TOF1. refreshes a subject’s distance measurement 60 times a second, with instantaneous adjustments to focal length by the lens motor. This is apparently faster than the human eye can understand movement.

Additionally, the system features a proprietary smoothing algorithm prevents excessive jitter within the lens motor, giving you perfectly blended back-and-forth adjustments.

And while IR technology in focus control is not something new in high-end cinema, Teradek are surely bringing it to a new level and a new audience of up and coming cinematographers and filmmakers

TOF.1 – Detachable Laser Sight

Furthermore, a detachable laser sight (included) can be mounted to the top of the Rangefinder TOF via clip-on NATO rail. This way, the activated red laser beam is perfectly centred within TOF.1’s field of view, allowing 1st ACs to locate their exact focal point before a take starts.

Customizable Overlays for SmallHD Monitors

And even more good news for 1st ACs, as the TOF.1 Rangefinder from Teradek works with all SmallHD monitors running the powerful PageOS 4 software such as the latest SmallHD Indie 7 or Focus PRO line-up. The seamless integration of Teradek wireless products and SmallHD monitors continues here as well with data overlays that display critical follow-focus information.

Connect any compatible SmallHD monitor with CTRL.1 or CTRL.3 and activate the RT Overlay option to view TOF.1’s numerical distance readout on-screen.

The rangefinder information can be adjusted in size and positioned to anywhere on the monitor’s display, so focus pullers can compare lens position and adjust focus with their wireless controller accordingly. 

Check out the features of the Teradek RT lens control system below:

Pricing and Availability

The TOF.1 Rangefinder is priced at $3,490 and can pre-order it from B&H and other authorised dealers. 

For more technical specifications and details head over to Teradek’s website here

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