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Teradek Bolt 4K Monitor Module 750 TX for SmallHD Indie 7, Cine 7

RED Komodo and DSMC2 wireless control coming later this Summer

bolt 4K monitor module smallhd cine 7
Images by Teradek

Teradek has announced the Bolt 4K Monitor Module 750 TX, a zero-delay wireless transmitter for SmallHD Smart 7 monitors with camera control.

The Teradek Bolt 4K monitor module range already includes the Bolt 4K Monitor Module 750 RX (receiver), which can receive video signals up to 4K/30p from distances up to 750 feet line of sight. 

Furthermore, the new Bolt 4K Monitor Module 750 TX is thin and compact wireless video transmitter that slots perfectly into the back of either the SmallHD Cine 7, Indie 7, or 702 Touch.

In addition, the slim profile and monitor slot design keeps the whole Monitor/TX setup neat and tidy unifying power and cabling. The unit supports video signals up to 4K/30p via HDMI at a range of up to 750 feet, as well as 10bit 4:2:2 1080p/60.

Built for SmallHD Smart 7 monitors

Needless to say, the new unit has been designed for seamless integration with the SmallHD Smart 7 Monitor Series (SmallHD Indie 7, Cine 7, and 702 Touch), bringing HDR support with increased range, faster reconnection times, and easy setup with the native Bolt App for iOS or Android.

Wireless Camera Control – ARRI and RED

Camera operators now have wireless camera control at their fingertips for select cameras from ARRI and RED with a SmallHD license (which is sold separately) gaining access to run/stop, frame rate, ISO, shutter angle, white balance, internal ND filter, playback and more. 

This is possible when using the Bolt 4K Monitor Module 750 TX with the RX. This combo allows you to control of your camera from up to 750 ft away by pairing your Bolt 4K Monitor Module 750 TX with a Monitor Module RX using compatible Smart 7 Monitors from SmallHD. 

Supported ARRI Cameras for Wireless Camera Control

Wireless Camera Control is currently available for the following models:

  • ARRI Alexa Mini

  • Alexa Mini LF

  • ARRI Amira

However, users should note that because of the Ethernet requirement for ARRI Camera Control, the TX Module must be used with Cine 7 that has the ARRI Camera Control license installed. The RX Module can be attached to any other SmallHD Smart 7 monitor.

According to Teradek, they are currently working on wireless camera control for RED Komodo and DSMC2, which should be available later in the summer.

How to Setup Wireless Control for ARRI:

  • You need a SmallHD Cine 7 monitor + Bolt 4K Monitor Module TX connected to the camera with ARRI license installed (If you are using two Cine 7 monitors you can have the license installed on either one.)
  • Any Smart 7 monitor + Bolt 4K Monitor Module RX on the remote monitor for wireless control.

How to Setup Wireless Control for RED Komodo or DSMC2 (coming later this summer):

  • SmallHD Indie 7, CIne 7, or 702 Touch + Bolt 4K Monitor Module TX connected to the camera with any necessary camera control cables.
  • Any Smart 7 Monitor + Bolt 4K Monitor Module RX on the remote monitor.
  • Camera control license for RED KOMODO or DSMC2 installed on either one of the Smart 7 Monitors.

Bolt 4K Monitor Module 750 TX Quick Features

  • Wireless range – up top 750 feet (or about 228 meters) line of sight
    • Transmit video up to 4Kp30 at a line-of-sight distance of up to 750ft (228m) with no image delay (>0.001sec)
  • Transmitter Input: 1 x HDMI 2.0 (up to 4K/30)
  • True HDR support for 10bit 4:2:2
  • Improved Wireless Performance
    • Reliable signal transmission and reception over 13x 40MHz frequencies, with upgraded hardware and less image break-up than previous Bolt generations.
    • Faster reconnection times
    • automatic signal quality switching
    • more robust frequency hopping algorithm
    • An additional 5GHz radio frequency link is available for high-traffic locations with excessive interference from other wireless devices.
  • Unlimited Receivers Support
    • supports Broadcast Mode meaning unlimited receivers can be connected.
  • Universal Cross-Compatibility between all Bolt 4K Devices
    • Send and receive signals between any Bolt 4K series of devices for expanding
      workflow requirements.
  • Camera Metadata
    • Transmit metadata, timecode, and start/stop flags from most camera manufacturers.
  • Bolt App for Android and Apple iOS
    • Remotely pair any TX/RX devices, manually designate specific 5GHz channels, and monitor interference with the 5GHz Spectrum Analyzer and Wireless Health analysis tools.

In the Box:

  • 1 x Bolt 4K Monitor Module 750 TX
  • 1 x HDMI to HDMI Adapter
  • 2 x Antenna 2dBi V4.9-7.3GHz RP-SMA
  • Mounting Screws and Allen Tools

Supported SmallHD monitors:

  • Indie 7 / Cine 7 / SmallHD 702 Touch

Pre-order and Pricing

You can pre-order the Bolt 4K Monitor Module 750 TX for $1,490 USD from B&H. 

For more technical specifications and details head on over to Teradek’s website here.

via Teradek

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