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Teradek Bolt 4K Firmware Update – Better Pairing, Faster Start-up

More reliable wireless video signal and fix your frequency

teradek bolt 4k lt sony venice
Images by Teradek

The latest few Teradek Bolt 4K firmware updates provide faster start-up times, more reliable signal transmission and a fixed frequency mode.

In a nutshell, the Teradek Bolt 4K system can send HDR wireless video up to DCI 4K in 10bit 4:2:2 to up to 6 receivers at up to 1,500 feet (or even 5,000 with Bolt 4K MAX).

Furthermore, Teradek has been regularly updating the range with firmware updates, and more hardware options such as the Bolt 4K LT

Here is a summary of the latest new features in Teradek Bolt 4K:

  • Fixed Frequency Mode
    • allows users to specify a single frequency for the Bolt 4K, reducing the time it takes for the system to link when powered on.
  • Faster Start-up times
    • Bolt 4K receivers and transmitters are now better optimized; time from power on to connection has been reduced by 50%.
  • Increased Reliability
    • Enhanced RF performance to deal better with interference, thus minimizing video interruption. This also results in a stronger connection.
  • More Pairing flexibility
    • users can now pair 1 x receiver with up to 4 transmitters, allowing them to more efficiently switch between Teradek Bolt 4K configurations.
teradek bolt 4k lt
Image by Teradek – Bolt 4K LT

Teradek Bolt 4K Firmware v4.2.1 Details:

  • Added support for Bolt 4K LT


  • Reduced time-to-video after power on and video disconnect/reconnect
  • Improved pairing reliability and speed, wireless and wired/Bluetooth
  • Improved status message updates
  • Removed radio reset after changing fixed frequency from front panel
  • Improved 20MHz mode stability
  • Added F next to frequency when in fixed frequency mode

Bug Fixes

  • Where some TX units transmit a blank green screen when powered on
  • Fixed unnecessary restarts, resets, reduce frequency of ‘Please Wait’ and ‘Applying Settings’ messages
  • Artefacts were visible when transmitting 1080i/50 video
  • Video could stop transmitting after some time using 1080i59 resolution
  • Disabling fixed Frequency mode set Frequency to 5375MHz
  • Front panel could show transmitting video when no video is connected
  • Video quality mode could be set to auto when changing other wireless settings

You can download the latest Bolt 4K firmware from Teradek’s support pages here.

To learn more about all the latest in Bolt 4K, check out this awesome video by Teradek:

Head over to Teradek’s website here to explore their Bolt 4K range and other pro wireless video solutions.

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