SYNCO WAir-G1 Pocket-size Wireless Mic System for $99

New budget wireless audio system for 2-person interviews

synco wAir G2 wireless audio
Image by Synco

Budget audio microphones maker Synco announces WAir-G1, a pocket-friendly 2.4Ghz wireless mic system for video creators on a budget. 

Sporting a tiny size, the new Synco digital wireless system comes in two versions – WAir-G1 A1 (with 1 x TX and 1 x RX, and 1 x lav mic) priced at just $99 and WAir-G1 A2 (with 2 x transmitters, 1 x receiver, 2 x lav microphones) for $149 USD.

Wireless Digital Audio in Your Pocket

The new WAir-G1 wireless system is the first for Synco to use DSP or digital signal processing for audio in real time.

Furthermore, as with similar audio system, the analog-to-digital conversion process gives users the benefit of real-time audio optimization, saving time in post and generally high-quality audio capture.

Mono and Stereo Audio Capture Mode

The Synco WAir-G1 A2 (dual TX system) has two output modes – Mono and Stereo. This means that in Mono mode you both channels into one audio track; while in Stereo mode, both transmitters are separated on a Left and Right track.

This is very handy for a two-person interview setups where users plan to edit each track in post-production. 

synco wAir G1 A2 dual wireless mic pack
Image by Synco

128-bit Signal Encryption with Syncoder Algorithm

In addition, this system employs a Syncoder encryption algorithm (with 128bit security), based on the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). This means that the system automatically switches channels in real-time giving you the best possible reception.

Furthermore, the Synco WAir-G1 A1 and A2 wireless audio systems do not require licenses and can be used worldwide.

50 meters Wireless Range / 5 Hours Battery Life

In addition, Synco rates their WAir-G1 A2 digital wireless system at 50 meters light-of-sight, which should be plenty for most applications videographers on tight budgets operate in. However, the single-TX and RX version has a slightly longer range rated at up to 230ft or 70 meters line of sigh. 

Moreover, the each receiver and transmitter comes with a built-in 400mAh re-chargeable Li-ion battery rated for around 5 hours recording. However, for those on longer shoots, the system does support charging-while-recording and can get 50% power in just 40 mins.

A small power indicator LED will give a low-battery warning by flashing. A green LED means that the system is charging; and LED off – fully charged. 

synco wAir G1 2.4ghz wireless mic pack 50 meters range
Image by Synco

Low-Cut Filter and Gain Control 

Additionally, the WAir-G1 comes with a 180Hz low-cut filter to eliminate low-frequency hums and rumble of air conditioners, traffic and other unwanted noises. This is easily accessible from a dedicated button on the side of the transmitter.

Furthermore, users have the ability to adjust gain in 4 steps for an 8dB-range. In addition, you can use headphones to monitor audio in real-time via the 3.5mm TRS headphone jack.

One downside of the system just by looking at the photos appears to be the lack of any screen, which can be very useful. I own the RODE Wireless Go and I frequently refer to the built-in compact display for battery info and gain settings.

On the upside though, the Synco system just $99, which is twice as cheap as the RODE. And the lack of a built-in screen may not be a deal-breaker for some. 

Pricing and Availability

The new Synco WAir-G1 A1 is priced at just $99, while the dual transmitter system comes at $149 USD. You can pre-order at B&H via the links here.

For full specifications and more info head over to Synco’s website here.

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