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Spirit Lab Full-Frame 70-300mm Cine Zoom Announced

This zoom lens is huge, but impressive!

Spirit Labs 70-300mm T3.2
Image by Spirit Lab

Chinese lens maker Spirit Labs has announced a new full-frame 70-300mm T3.2 PL cine zoom with some impressive features. 

Optimised for high resolution capture, the new 70-300mm is a massive lens measuring at 47cm and weighing 6kg. In addition to a native PL mount, the latest Spirit Lab cine zoom is also available in LPL mount for cameras like the ARRI Alexa Mini LF.

Some of you may be familiar with the Spirit Labs cine primes, which are a bit of a rarity in Europe and North America, but quite popular in Asia.

At IBC 2018, I had a chance to check them out in person and was very impressed. 

Minimal Breathing Throughout the Range

The new Spirit Lab 70-300mm has an image circle of 50mm ensuring coverage with the latest large format cine cameras like the Sony VENICE, RED Monstro and Alexa Mini LF.

Furthermore, Spirit Labs claim they have eliminated distortion all through the zoom range. In addition, the lens incorporates advanced technologies such as floating and displacement compensation to effectively minimise breathing. 

Spirit Labs 70-300mm RED camera exhibition
70-300mm T3.2 at a recent trade show in China / Image by Spirit Lab

Cine Zoom with Parfocal Design 

Moreover, Spirit Labs say their engineers have gone to great lengths to ensure sharp image capture at all focal lengths. Additionally, the new 70-300mm is also said to greatly reduce “ghosting, glare, and contrast degradation caused by reflection…”

Nevertheless, the lens’ neutral coatings ensure a clean and neutral colours to help better match with other cine lenses. 

Spirit Lab 70-300mm T3.2 Features and Specifications

  • Designed for full-frame/large format cine cameras
  • Image Circle: 50mm 
  • Available lens mounts: PL and LPL
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 1.2m
  • Focus Rotation (throw): 180 degrees
  • Aperture range: T3.2 up to T22
  • Front Lens Diameter: 156mm
  • Total Length: 468mm (469mm with LPL mount)
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Price: TBD

At the moment, Spirit Labs has not announced pricing or availability. For more info head over to their website here.

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