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Speech-to-Text and M1 Mac support for Premiere Pro in July 2021 Update

Download the latest update for Premiere Pro and other Creative Cloud apps

Premiere Pro M1 apple silicon
Image by Adobe

Speech-to-text and other new features come to Adobe Premiere Pro, while M1 Macs get native support for the popular editing app.

Just days ago, Adobe released the July 2021 update for Premiere Pro bringing a major new feature designed to alleviate the pain of video captioning. Speech to Text in Premiere Pro marks quite an achievement – according to Adobe, their NLE is the only one (at the moment) with integrated and automated workflow for creating transcriptions and captions.

Speech-to-Text for Premiere Pro, Now Available

Also, according to Adobe, Speech to Text is, on average, 5x faster than other captioning workflow and­ is included at no additional cost for subscribers.

Of course, the July 2021 update brings other new features and improvements not just to Premiere Pro, but also After Effects, Media Encoder, and Character Animator. You can read more about these in the paragraphs below. 

Videos with associated transcription files, such as SRT, rank higher in search results because they are more discoverable in search engines (SEO). Captions also make video more accessible: one in five people around the world live with some level of hearing loss.

Social media and SEO (search engine optimization) has made properly captioning videos a must for creators, who seek to get an edge over the competition. Nevertheless, the traditional captioning process is often quite laborious, tedious, and time consuming, requiring manual input and flip-flopping between various apps and services. 

Rank higher in SEO with Better Captions for your videos

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Speech-to-text is set to completely change how we work with captions in Premiere Pro. The feature has been designed to not only save a lot of time, but also preserve creative control the output.

According to a new Pfeiffer Report, using Speech to Text and the new Captions workflow in Premiere Pro slashes the time needed to create a transcription and captions for a 5-minute video by 75 percent, saving an editor 52 minutes.

At the moment, Adobe’s Speech to Text includes support for 13 languages, and according to reports from beta testers, the feature shows impressive accuracy when put to the test.

Despite the help from AI, editors retain full ability to make changes as needed, such as correcting the spelling of names, users can easily edit the text in the transcript.

Furthermore, Speech-to-Text is included at no additional cost with Premiere Pro or Creative Cloud All Apps subscriptions.

Adobe Premiere Productions 14.8 update
Image by Adobe

Premiere Pro – Native M1 Mac Support

The latest Apple Silicon chips in the new iMac and MacBook Pro are quite efficient and fast, however to take full advantage of their speed, app developers have to optimize their apps for the new Apple hardware. And as announced prior, Adobe is moving towards optimizing Premiere Pro for M1 Macs, which can now run Premiere Pro natively.

In addition, the July 2021 update brings M1 native support, making Premiere Pro “run nearly 80% faster than comparable Intel-based Macs.”

Furthermore, other Creative Cloud apps alongside Premiere Pro, such as Media Encoder and Character Animator also get M1 support. Adobe Premiere Rush and Audition received M1 support in April and May.

Moreover, Adobe has stated that After Effects will be getting native M1 support in a public Beta release later in 2021. After Effects integration features within Premiere Pro, such as Dynamic Link and Motion Graphics templates, have already been optimized for M1-powered Macs.

Multi-frame rendering for After Effects (beta)

Also new for After Effecst (beta) is Multi-Frame Rendering, which finally leverages the power of multi-core CPUs for a reported 3x increase in speed.

According to Adobe, Multi-Frame Rendering for Previews accelerates your creative process by taking advantage of your system’s CPU cores when previewing your compositions, while Speculative Preview helps editors work faster even when After Effects is idle; this means that your composition (and any pre-comps in that comp) will automatically render in the background meaning your designs are ready when you’re ready for them to play back.

With Speculative Preview, After Effects automatically detects when your system is not active and uses that time to render compositions.

Also, when it comes to rendering H.264 compositions, Multi-Frame Rendering export from Adobe Media Encoder makes the most of the editor’s time by rendering multiple comps in the background while you’re still working on others.

Render Queue Notifications

Render Queue Notifications is a new, and highly requested feature that lets After Effects send you notifications to your smartphone or smart watch.

via Adobe

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