Sound Devices Releases ASIO Driver for MixPre II Series

32bit float audio streaming to Windows is now on MixPre II recorders!

Sound Devices MixPre II series

Major pro audio maker Sound Devices just released ASIO driver for MixPre II series!

Sound Devices has made 32bit audio streaming via USB to Windows 10 equipped PCs and laptops a reality. The legendary pro audio gear manufacturer has some more good news for sound recordists. And, this is because they just released an ASIO driver capable of streaming 32-bit float USB audio to compatible DAWs on Windows 10.

Thus, the driver is compatible with the phenomenal MixPre II Series, which are quite popular among sound recordists.

In addition to filmmakers, one-man bands, and podcasters. The MixPre-3/6/10 Series II audio recorders are super powerful and can double as USB audio interfaces as well.

Needless to say, MixPre II Series are the only USB audio interfaces that support cutting-edge 32-bit float recording and playback on MacOS Catalina and Windows 10. Also, 32-bit float USB audio allows for unparalleled dynamic range and flexibility in a DAW. 

32-bit float audio is a big deal, and Sound Devices has put a lot of resources both in product and software development. In addition, the company invests in educating sound recordists about the benefits of 32bit audio recording. 

The company regularly publishes articles on the workings of 32-bit float, including an explanation of the MixPre II hardware that supports the feature.

Check out some 32bit Sample audio files provided by Sound Devices. 

Learn more about 32bit float audio workflow

Sound Devices MixPre II series

And last, but not least, you can download the new ASIO driver for Windows 10 here:

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