Sound Devices Firmware Update v8.01 for 888, 883, and Scorpio released

Sound Devices adds support for 888 and Scorpio in C2C

Sound Devices SD Remote ipad app 888 883 Scorpio
Image by Sound Devices

Sound Devices has just released firmware update v8.01 for their 8-series recorders with improvements to the C2C integration. 

In addition, Sound Devices also released firmware update v.8.00 just a few days ago adding some new features to the CL-16 and adding support for C2C (or simply Camera to Cloud).

You can read more about the production workflow benefits of the new C2C service here.

Sound Devices Firmware update v8.01 for 883, Scorpio, and 888 Recorder/Mixers

Changes since last firmware: 

  • Pausing upload or disconnecting from while an upload is in progress
    • gives users the option to disconnect/pause immediately or after the current uploading file completes.

Bug fixes and other improvements:

  • Entering the Take List with a large amount of takes after power on no longer temporarily freezes the unit for several seconds.
  • Rare events where the 8-Series could go unresponsive when connected to no longer occur.
  • Scorpio and 888 Take List no longer show the Upload Drive as orange, indicating it is queued for upload to, without being connected to
  • Improvements to popup messages related to

Sound Devices CEDAR sdnx Noise Suppression Plugin for 8-Series

  • Switching channel source from AES3 to AES42 now correctly applies the 10 V of digital phantom power.
  • Meter view LR, 1-3 (Horizontal) now correctly displays MixAssist indication on the 888.
    The following meter views now correctly show LR output metering instead of bus metering.
  • LR Out,B1-4,X1-4
  • LR Out,B1-4,X1-4(Horizontal)
  • Take List no longer omits the record drives for previous takes if that drive is no longer available or setup to record.
  • CL-16 user buttons mapped to the HP Presets menu no longer enter the Take List.
Image by Sound Devices

Here’s also what’s new in firmware v.8.00 for the 8 Series recorder/mixers:

New Features and Functionality Added:

  • Added Scorpio and 888 support for Camera to Cloud (C2C)
    • C2C is a service that allows automatic upload of 888 and Scorpio recorded files to the cloud as soon as they are closed.
    • Recorded files upload even while recording new ones.
    • To upload to, a account and/or invitation to add your 888 or Scorpio as a Cloud Device to a Project is required. Visit for further information.
  • New Copy Channel Settings menu accessed from the channel screen allows you to copy the settings of the channel to other channels.
    • Any combination of EQ, high-pass filter, compressor, limiter, ISO, phase, pan, mute, source, name, routing, delay, and arm can be copied to other channels.
  • New bus name editing.
    • Bus names are displayed in the meter views. Buses L, R, B1, and B2 ripple their names to their respective take metadata track names. Bus names are also displayed on the CL-16 meters.
  • Customize your CL-16 Channel Colors menu.
    • Users can now customize the background color of individual CL-16 channel strips. This helps easily identify and differentiate between channel sources.
  • Any bus can now be assigned to feed the left and right outputs.
  • LR, 1-3 (Horizontal) meter view added to the 833, 888, and Scorpio.
  • Additional meter views added to the 888 and Scorpio.
    • LR,1-8, B1-2, X1-2
    • LR Out, B1-4, X1-4
    • LR Out, B1-4, X1-4 (Horizontal)

Sound Devices v7.30 firmware brings SD-Remote App to Android

Learn more about the Sound Devices and C2C integration in the video below:

To download the latest firmware updates head over to Sound Devices’ support pages.

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