Sound Devices Firmware v7.20 for 833, 888, and Scorpio Recorder/Mixers

SD-Remote app for 888, 833, and Scorpio comes to iPhone

Image by Sound Devices

Sound Devices has just released firmware v7.20 for their 8-Series mixer-recorders (888, 833, and Scorpio) and SD-Remote app. Furthermore, firmware v7.20 makes the SD-Remote companion app also available for iPhone.

Other improvements include support for 4 instance and 8 instance versions of the NoiseAssist plugin for 8-Series. 

SD Remote App for 8-Series Recorder/Mixers Comes to the iPhone

SD-Remote gives users the ability to remote control faders, trim, pan, transport controls, metadata, monitoring, and much more from an iOS or Android tablet and now iPhone. And in these challenging times of social distancing, this can be a significant benefit for everyone on set. 

It should be noted, that the SD-Remote app was previously only available for iPad and Android tablets. However, with the latest firmware v7.20 users can install it on any iPhone running iOS 12 or higher. And naturally, the SD-Remote for iPhone is available to download from the Apple App Store here.

Sound Devices SD Remote ipad app 888 883 Scorpio
SD-Remote on iPad – Image by Sound Devices

Back in May, the 8-Series were the first of Sound Devices’ portable mixer-recorders to get optional built-in noise suppression with the release of the 2-instance version of NoiseAssist plugin. Later it was also made available to the MixPre II series.

NoiseAssist for MixPre II Series – Learn more here.

Now, in version 7.20, Sound Devices is releasing a 4-instance and 8-instance version. This makes it possible for users to run NoiseAssist on up to 8 isolated channels, or a combination of isolated channels and buses. 

The plugin is available for purchase at If you have purchased 2 instances of NoiseAssist you will receive an automatic discount when upgrading to 4 or 8 instances on the same device.

Sound Devices MIxpre NoiseAssist PLugin
Image by Sound Devices

Sound Devices Firmware v7.20 Details

New Features/Additions:

  • Supports 4-instance and 8-instance versions of the NoiseAssist plugin
  • NoiseAssist instances can now be applied to any bus
  • SD-Remote for iPhone
  • Support for SD-Remote False Takes function
  • Trim/Fader Group option allows trim gain of multiple channels to be controlled by the channel with the smallest channel number in the group
  • ‘X’ Output gains and mutes now pass through to Dante and USB outputs when ‘X’ outputs are selected as sources

Fixed Issues:

  • Rare event where audio is missing at power up has been eliminated.
  • Red display artefact no longer shown on CL-16 screen while in record.
  • Channels routed pre-fade to the Left and/or Right bus are no longer muted following a power cycle.
  • CL-16 fader movements intermittently not registering after power up no longer occurs.
  • Pressing the top row knobs on the CL-16 while in Bus Sends on Faders mode no longer incorrectly exits the mode.
  • After power on, trims or faders are no longer intermittently unresponsive.

You can check out the full details of all bug fixes and new changes in the latest update at the Sound Devices support pages here.

SD Remote now available on iPhone – video by Sound Devices

You can also download firmware update v7.20 by by visiting the Sound Devices Downloads Section at

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