Sound Devices 8-Series Firmware v7.0 Available for Download

Firmware version 7.0 is loaded with new features and major updates!

Image by Sound Devices

Sound Devices 8-Series firmware v7.0 is out – and it is loaded with new features that your sound recordist will surely appreciate. The latest firmware release comes with major updates and changes to the Scorpio, 888, and 833 mixer-recorders as well as companion app SD-Remote. 

Furthermore, some of the most important new features are SuperSlot support for the Wisycom MCR54, the addition of compressors, Q-marks, NoiseAssist Plugin demo mode, and expanded options for Scorpio channels 17-32.

Moreover, SD-Remote firmware v7.00 includes new meter and channel screen views and remote control of fader, trim, and more.

Sound Devices SD Remote ipad app 888 883 Scorpio
Image by Sound Devices

Wisycom MCR54 4-Channel True Diversity Receiver

Hyped as one of the year’s most anticipated releases, the mighty Wisycom MCR54 4-channel receiver is now SuperSlot-compatible.

The open-source SuperSlot protocol supports up to four channels of audio per slot. And if you pair a couple of MCR54s with an 8-Series mixer-recorder and the Sound Devices SL-2 wireless module – you get a whopping 8 channels of wireless audio!

Additionally, firmware v7.00 introduces Compressors, which are available for all busses and channels. Multiple settings such as knee, ratio, attack, release, and threshold can be independently customized. And the compression can be applied either pre- or post-fade.

NoiseAssist Plugin Demo Mode 

The new NoiseAssist Plugin demo mode allows sound mixers and recordists to try the excellent noise reduction plugin on their device before purchasing a license. The demo version of NoiseAssist comes preloaded in the 8-Series mixer-recorder with version 7.00, so no additional download is required. 

Do check out this excellent Q&A on the NoiseAssist plugin by Sound Devices:

Sound Devices MIxpre NoiseAssist PLugin
Image by Sound Devices

Q Marks – Cue Markers

Another new features in the latest firmware update 7.0 for the 8-Series is Q-marks.  Also known as cue markers, they help users identify specific positions of BWF recordings. Additionally, Scorpio channels 17-32 now have trim gain and adjustable high pass filters, and can now receive audio from any input source.

SD-Remove Firmware v7.0 – New 16-Channel Meter Views

The newest update for SD-Remote, v7.00, includes new 16 channel meter views, new channel screen views, and remote control of faders, trim, pan, and file transfer mode.

Furthermore, the new interface allows for sound professionals to monitor levels and adjust gain without being fixed to their 8-Series mixer-recorder. SD-Remote v7.00 is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Check out the full list of new features, bug fixes, and updates included in to firmware v7.00 for 8-Series at

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