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Sony NAB 2020 Announcements Rescheduled for April 30th

Sony postpones NAB 2020 livestream for April 30th, 10AM EDT

Sony fx9 16-35mm cine zoom af full frame 4k 6k
Image by Sony

Sony NAB 2020 announcement event has been moved to April 30th, 10AM EDT. The original livestream was to occur this upcoming Monday, April 20th. 

The company has not disclosed an official reason as to the move. However, given that Canon are about to make their NAB announcements on Monday 20th, we can all make our own conclusions. Of course, Sony may have other reasons to do so.

Regardless, Sony’ NAB Show online event is now happening on April 30th. 

See Sony’s Statement on Coronavirus Impact

Sony NAB 2020 April 30th 10AM EDT Announcement Livestream event
Image by Sony

Join us on April 30th at 10:00 AM EDT to discover our comprehensive suite of tools and technologies to help power your creativity

Sony FX6 and New Cine Zooms? 

According to some rumour sites, Sony is likely to announce a new full-frame camcorder and two or three new cine zoom lenses. 

The Sony FX6 is rumoured to be the full-frame updated version of the Sony FS5. The camera is (presumably) to sit below the Sony FX9 and feature a 4K Long-GOP codec internal recording in a more compact form factor. That is compared to the Sony FX9. 

Some of you may recall the full-frame Sony 16-35mm T3.1 G Cine zoom with AF support. Sony announced the lens at IBC 2019 last September, and it looks like we may see at least a couple of new complimentary zoom lenses in the range announced on April 30th.  

NAB 2020 Express Digital Event Starts April 2020 – Read more here.

Sony has not yet officially revealed the pricing and availability of the 16-35mm T3.1 G lens. However, it is very likely they may confirm pricing and availability at the NAB 2020 livestream event. As well as, announced the two other lenses (already teased, see image below).

Sony 16-35mm T3.1 G Cine Zoom NAB 2020
Sony 16-35mm T3.1 G Cine Zoom // Image by Sony

You can also head over to Sony’s NAB event page here

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