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Sony FX9 gets ProRes RAW firmware update by Atomos

4K/60p ProRes RAW comes to the FX9!

Sony fx9 with atomos shogun 7 prores raw
Image by Atomos

Atomos has just released a firmware update enabling ProRes RAW recording via Shogun 7 from the Sony FX9 via SDI (on the XDCA extension). The firmware update is free and available to download via the link at the bottom of this post.

When paired with the dedicated XDCA-FX9 extension , the FX9 can output a 16-bit linear raw signal out of the dedicated RAW SDI on the XDCA.

XDCA FX9 extension unit is required for ProRes RAW output

Note, that a RAW output is not available out of the regular, built-in SDI outputs on the camera body, only via the dedicated SDI output from the XDCA-FX9 unit, which costs about $2,500 USD.

The XDCA-FX9 extension does offer additional functionality such as Timecode Out, the ability to use V-mount batteries, wired LAN and a couple of USB ports.

Sony fx9 with XDCA shogun 7 prores raw
Image by Atomos

Sony FX9 – now with 4K/60p 12bit ProRes RAW output

Then, the Atomos Shogun records this raw signal into a 12bit (Log) ProRes RAW at a maximum of 4K/60p DCI, or in 2K up to 180fps.

ProRes RAW gives cinematographers more room to play with in post and is great for finishing projects in HDR. Of course, you can work in SDR Rec.709 color space and deliver in SDR. ProRes RAW may not offer the “true raw” functionality of ARRIRAW or REDCODE RAW, however it has been getting better and better lately offering more adjustments in post. 

In addition, you can now work with ProRes RAW in Premiere Pro in Windows.

Jeromy Young, Atomos CEO, said: “I’m thrilled to be working with the team at Sony to bring this to life. It’s great to add Sony’s FX9 to the large and expanding ProRes RAW ecosystem. The flexibility and convenience of ProRes RAW make the FX9 and Shogun 7 an awesome combination for any filmmaker seeking perfect colors and amazing latitude in post. Initially we will have 4K/60p and 2K/180fps ProRes RAW recording options and we’re constantly developing more capability in our product to support our partners like Sony.”

Sony FX9 metadata support in FCP X and Premiere Pro

In addition, ProRes RAW has metadata supplied by the FX9, which is recognized in FCP X and other NLEs, such as Premiere Pro. This way editors can properly setup the projects for editing and display in either SDR or HDR. 

Download Firmware Update for Sony FX9 ProRes RAW

And finally, the FX9 camera’s RAW output is now available with FX9 firmware v2.01.

Users will also need the new AtomOS v10.42 firmware update for Shogun 7 available to download from Atomos.

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