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Sony FX9 and FX6 to get 4K/120 Raw output and Anamorphic support

Atomos will be releasing a new Ninja V model with 4K/120fps RAW support in May

Image by Sony

Sony announced the FX9 and FX6 will be getting a firmware update soon to enable 4K/120fps RAW output, anamorphic de-squeeze and more.

4K/120p RAW output has been a highly desired feature and soon FX9 and Sony FX6 owners will be able to output it to a new Atomos recorder (which is also coming in May according to Sony).

At the moment, both cameras can output 4K/60p RAW, which is also the limit that can be recorded by the current Atomos Ninja V HDR recorder. 

Apart from anamorphic de-squeeze and 4K/120fps raw, the firmware update will also add Cinemascope frame lines and Super 16mm Center Scan mode to the FX9.

Sony FX9/FX6 4K 120fps RAW firmware coming in May 

The upcoming firmware update for FX9 and FX6 is due to arrive in May 2021. 

Here’s more from the Sony press release:

Later in 2021, Sony FX9 firmware update v3.0 will bring new features such as an Anamorphic mode to display 2x and 1.3x de-squeeze and Cinemascope frame lines in the viewfinder.

It should be noted that these new features are in addition to the announced features such as the addition of S700PTP, a Center Scan mode for Super 16mm lens and B4 Lens support with its adaptor.

The previous firmware v2.0 added some much needed recording options such as oversampled 4K and S35 recording modes to the FX9.

Sony fx9 with XDCA shogun 7 prores raw
Image by Atomos

What’s coming to the FX9 (firmware v3.0) and FX6 Firmware May 2021:

  • Anamorphic De-squeeze (2x and 1.33x options)
  • Cinemascope frame lines displayed in the viewfinder
  • 4K/120fps RAW output to a new Atomos recorder
  • Center Scan mode for Super 16mm lens for FX9
  • B4 lens support for FX9
  • S700PTP Remote Protocol

To read more about the latest updates around everything Sony pro video head over to their press release here.

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