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Sony FX6 ProRes RAW recording to Atomos Shogun 7 Announced

Yes, Atomos Shogun 7 can record full-frame 4K ProRes RAW from the FX6

Sony FX6 camera operator
Image by Sony

Atomos just announced support for Sony FX6 ProRes RAW recording over SDI to the Atomos Shogun 7 HDR monitor/recorder. 

The newly announced FX6 can output a 16bit raw signal from its SDI port, which is then encoded as 12bit Log ProRes RAW on the Atomos Shogun 7 in DCI 4K up to 60fps (4096 x 2160). No firmware update is needed for Shogun 7 regarding the FX6 raw support. 

Moreover, this is the same approach to the way raw works on the FX9 (from the Atomos side), with one  big advantage. And that is – the FX6 does NOT need the bulky and expensive XDCA unit, which the FX9 does need to output raw.

16bit RAW output via SDI (No Extension Unit Required!)

And as such, the FX6 can output raw straight from the body, no additional firmware or attachments needed. And this is definitely a big plus in the FX6 column when comparing the cameras. Of course, the Sony FX9 has a multitude of benefits over the Sony FX6 which are beyond the scope of this post (more on these in a future post). 

The resulting ProRes RAW image are packed with vivid detail and give users more flexibility in post-production. ProRes RAW is very suitable format for HDR projects, while still retaining enough flexibility for Rec.709 output as well.

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Sony fx6 shogun 7 prores raw 4k60
Image by Atomos

ProRes RAW Workflow and Post-Production Benefits

One of the main advantages of ProRes RAW is the format’s ability to capture 12bit RAW in the same file sizes as 10bit 4:2:2 standard ProRes. This way you can edit with the speed of regular ProRes, while retaining significantly more flexibility in the grade. Also, this places less strain on file transfer speeds, media management, and archiving. 

Shogun 7 – Powerhouse HDR Monitor/Recorder

Shogun 7 is a powerful multi-functional production tool. It can be used as a 7-inch HDR on-camera monitor, a ProRes RAW recorder and also as a video switcher.

The monitor packs a highly accurate 1920 x 1200 HDR display with 3000nits peak brightness and 1500nits in daylight-viewable mode that can display 15+ stops of dynamic range. 

To learn more about the Atomos Shogun 7 head over to here.

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