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Sony FX6 Joins Netflix Approved Camera List

Netflix adds the Sony FX6 to approved camera list for original productions for 4K (but not anamorphic mode)

Sony FX6 full-frame 16-35 T3.1 cine
Image by Sony

Netflix has just added the Sony FX6 to their approved camera list for commissioned projects. You’d have to shoot in 4K XAVC-I using the full sensor (4096 x 2160) according to the Netflix camera guide, even though it also mentions 4K RAW capture via external recorder. 

However, anamorphic capture is not approved as the camera lacks a proper 4:3 sensor mode and does not oversample. The only Sony camera you can use for Anamorphic capture (on Netflix productions) remains the VENICE. 

Other recommended camera settings include S-Gamut3/SLog3 or S-Gamut3.Cine/Slog3 in CINE EI mode in either 800 or 12,800 base ISO. You can read more about the FX6 recommended settings in the Netflix camera guide here.

Sony FX6 – 4K Full-Frame XAVC-I Approved for Netflix

The newest member of the Sony Cinema Lineup joins the Sony FX9, and other compact cameras like the RED Komodo, which also recently got the Netflix stamp of approval. 

Furthermore, full-frame 4K XAVC-I is a pretty solid codec, and when paired with the excellent AF from the alpha A7s III, you get yourself a nice, compact pro camcorder for low-budget narrative work and documentaries. 

Sony fx6 full-frame camera official launch price shipping
Image by Sony

The Sony FX6 has been added to the Netflix Approved Camera List, making it officially approved to be used for productions by the popular content platform. For all final Netflix productions, 90% of the total runtime is required to be captured on approved cameras.

Only a select group of highly-capable cameras make the Netflix Approved Camera List. The FX6 had to meet minimum resolution and capture requirements, and other attributes like dynamic range, form factor, stability and workflow compatibility were also taken into consideration.

via Alpha Universe

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