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Sony FX6 Cage and Accessories from Tilta Announced

Tilta’s Basic Kit for the FX6 starts at $159 USD

Sony FX6 cage by Tilta
Images by Tilta

Tilta has a new cage with a QR baseplate and dedicated accessories such as battery plates for the Sony FX6 full-frame camera.

For most run-and-gun situations a “barebones” FX6 should do the job, when when you have to swap between a tripod and handheld setup, 9 times out of 10 you’re better of with some sort of a cage/rig setup. 

Tilta also recently announced a cage for the Sony A7C

And this is where the good folks at Tilta come in. Known for their high-quality and very competitively priced dedicated accessories for plenty of pro and consumer cameras, Tilta are now gearing up to dress up the FX6 with some “armor” and get your camera production-ready. 

Get Your Sony FX6 Production Ready

In addition, the Tilta ecosystem of accessories for the Sony FX6 includes a top plate with plenty of threaded holes for mounting accessories.

Furthermore, the Tilta cage makes it possible to shoot vertical content for social media when paired with the adjustable top handle. 

The Multi-Functional Top Plate for Sony FX6 forms a snug fit around the FX6’s original top handle. In addition, it also supports the optional optional Top Handle, which can be adjusted for balance and includes a monitor mount for the camera’s LCD Monitor Bracket.

Furthermore, the Top Plate also includes Dual 15mm LWS rod adapters, which allow users to easily mount accessories via 15mm rods above your lens.

The Quick Release Baseplate for Sony FX6 also allows you to attach various accessories via 15mm LWS rods on either the front or back side of the baseplate.


back of the Tilta cage and battery plate for FX6 Orion Anamorphic lens
Images by Tilta
Multi-Functional Top Plate for FX6 – Image by Tilta

Built-in Dual ARRI Rosettes on the QR Base plate

The Dual Arri Rosettes allow for mounting additional accessories such as extended arms or handles for handheld shooting.

The Baseplate natively connects to our Tilta Standard Dovetails and can be adapted to Arri Standard via our Tilta Standard to Arri Standard Multi-Functional Baseplate.

One of the best features in my option with this Baseplate is the built-in lens support bracket adapter included on the front side of the plate. This will help you support a heavier lens or or a lens adapter. 

Multiple Mounting Threads for Accessories

The Side Arm for Sony FX6 offers even more protection and provides several 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting points with threads for various locating pins to allow you to mount a variety of accessories.

The Side Arm also includes a reserved space for 3 reusable Camera Index Stickers for professional and clear labelling of your camera’s position in multi-camera environments.

The Wireless Video Mounting Bracket for Sony FX6 allows users to mount various Wireless Video Transmitters via a 90 degree 1/4″-20 threaded bracket. Likewise, this allows for clean and convenient mounting of wireless video transmitters and other similar accessories.

Tilta battery plate Type I gold mount for FX6
Battery Plate Type I (Gold mount) for FX6

Two types of Battery Plates for FX6

Tilta is offering two different types of battery adapters for the FX6. Each supports either V-mount or Gold mount standard. However the differences are – Battery Plate Type I locks into the battery chamber of the camera, while Type II does not obstruct the native battery slot of the camera. 

Additionally, Type I battery plate can be further secured by a connection to the Multi Functional Top Plate. 

Tilta HYDRA Car Stabilization System Updates

This plate supports 2x 14.8V P-Tap ports, 1x 14.8V 2 Pin Lemo Port, and 1x 5V USB Port.

The Type I battery plate is priced at $135, while Type II at $169. 

The Basic cage kit for the FX6 starts at just $159, while the Advanced kit will set up back around $279. 

Head over to Tilta’s website here to explore all accessories and cage setups.

via Tilta

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