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Sony FX3 Official Announcement on Tuesday February 23, 2021

Well, it’s no longer just a rumor – Sony to unveil new Cinema camera next Tuesday

sony fx3 announcement feb 23 2021
Sony FX3 - Image by Sony

Sony will officially announce the Sony FX3, their newest and most compact cinema camera to date next week – Tuesday, February 23. Just minutes ago, Sony Pro Europe tweeted the new addition to the Cinema Line will be officially announced next week.

See the Sony FX3 announcement date and times below.

Well, it’s no longer just a rumor, the newest Sony Cinema Camera will be unveiled next week. As a reminder, just days ago a few images of the camera leaked online.

And while a ton of questions still remain about the purpose, full tech specs and pricing of the FX3 camera, there is still possibility that it may have some sort of integration with the upcoming Sony Airpeak drone platform.

New Sony Cinema Camera Rumored/Possible Specs:

  • 4K/120fps and 4K/60p 
  • 10bit 4:2:2 internal codecs
  • Removable Sony XLR unit for pro audio mounted on top handle
  • 4 x mounting holes directly on camera body
  • Full-Frame sensor (12MP ported from the Sony a7s III potentially)
  • Dual CF-Express Type A and SD card slots
  • Price: around 3,800 Euro

Furthermore, the Sony Cinema Line currently includes the Sony VENICE, FX9, and the Sony FX6

In addition, current rumours point to a more rugged and EVF-less camera body with Sony a7sIII specs, and a flip-out screen. 

When will the Sony FX3 be announced? 

Here’s one of the leaked images that appeared online days ago:

Sony FX3

Read more about my thoughts on the upcoming Sony camera and possible specs here.

Next Tuesday’s official Sony live stream It promises to be an interesting event. 

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