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Sony CFexpress Type A Memory Cards for A7sIII Announced

Here are the cards you need to record 4K/120fps 10bit on the a7sIII

Sony a7s iii cfexpress card a
Images by Sony

Sony announces a new generation of media – the world’s first CFexpress Type A memory cards, in 80GB and 160GB capacities.

The newly announced Sony a7SIII is the first camera to use the new media cards, which also carry Sony’s TOUGH specification. 

Designed for Reliability and Speed

Using the lovely Sony model names CEA-G80T (80GB) and CEA-G160T (160GB), the new cards use the latest flash memory control technology to achieve write speeds as high as 700MB/s and read speeds as high as 800MB/s. Thus greatly reducing buffer clearing times for efficient, high-bit rate 10bit 4K video recording.

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Moreover, the cards are rated for high-speed continuous shooting of more than 1,000 uncompressed RAW still images, and designed to handle 4K/120p high-speed recording at high bit rates with the Slow & Quick Motion function when paired with Sony a7S III

In addition, the cards are compliant with the VPG400 video performance guarantee profile specification ensures stable video recording at 400 MB/s.

Sony CFexpress A Highlights Features

  • Up to 700MB/s write speed and 800MB/s read speed
  • Compact design and advanced functionality
  • Effective heat dissipation design
  • TOUGH specification construction for durability and dust/water resistance
  • Supported by File Scan Utility memory diagnostic software and Memory Card File Rescue data recovery software

Effective Heat Dissipation Design

And while certainly very fast in terms of speed, what’s even more impressive here is the fact these cards have a heat sink. This is necessary to transfer heat generated by the card to the exterior when transmitting large amounts of data at high speed such as 4K/120fps, using Sony’s original alloy with excellent thermal conductivity. 

TOUGH Specification for Extended Durability

Proudly carrying Sony’s TOUGH specifications, the new CFexpress Type A memory cards are bending and impact resistant to protect captured data, even when frequently changing cards in the harshest environments.

Sony claims their new CFexpress A cards are ‘up to 5x more resistant to drop impact and up to 10x more resistant to bending, compared to CFexpress Type A requirement standards’. In addition, thanks to a specialised internal structure, they achieve an IPX7 water ingress protection rating and an IP5X dust ingress protection rating (IP57) for enhanced durability.

Compatible with Sony’s Data Recovery Software

Sony’s Memory Card File Rescue data recovery software allows users to recover accidentally deleted RAW images and 4K video from memory cards.

In addition, Sony will update their Media Scan Utility media diagnostic software to support CFexpress Type A cards allowing users to diagnose and receive a warning before the number of read/write cycles approaches the card’s limit.

CFexpress Type A/SD Card Reader

Of course, with the new cards, Sony has a new reader. The new Sony MRW-G2 card reader has been optimised for the new CFexpress Type A memory cards. And also this new reader is compatible with SDXC/SDHC (UHS-I and UHS-II) memory cards.

Also, it provides USB 3.2 Gen 2 transfer speeds via its USB Type-C connector giving you a fast connection to offload your 4K footage from the a7s III.

Images by Sony

Pricing and Availability

The new CFexpress Type A memory cards and companion card reader will be shipping in September 2020 in time for the a7s III. See pricing in different regions below:

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