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Sony a7sIII: Atomos to Support 4K/60p ProRes RAW on Ninja V

A free firmware update with a7s III ProRes RAW support will be available in September

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Images by Sony

Atomos has just announced their Ninja V monitor/recorder will be able to record ProRes RAW up to 4K/60 via HDMI from the newly announced Sony a7sIII.

As already announced by Sony, the new Sony a7sIII will output a 16bit linear raw signal via its full size HDMI output, which will then be encoded into a 12bit log ProRes RAW format on the Ninja V.

In addition to ProRes RAW, the Atomos Ninja V can also record 10bit ProRes and/or Avid DNx/HR up to 4K/60p from the a7s III.

16-bit Linear RAW to 12-bit Log ProRes RAW

According to Atomos, ‘the data-rich 16-bit linear RAW output of the Alpha 7S III is compressed and recorded in the Ninja V as 12-bit ProRes RAW at up to 4K/60p.’

The benefits of ProRes RAW from an editing and colour grading workflow are evident especially if you are based in FCP X or Adobe Premiere. Sadly, this doesn’t apply to DaVinci Resolve users as Blackmagic Design have their own competing Blackmagic RAW compressed codec. 

Another key benefit, especially in low light, is that ProRes RAW files allow you to take fine control of how noise reduction and sharpening is applied to images, tuning
these precisely for each shot.

Unlimited ProRes RAW recording

Furthermore, the Atomos Ninja V can record unlimited ProRes RAW video until it fulls up the SSD or you run out of juice on the camera/or recorder. The active cooling employed means that internal record time limitations can be bypassed making a perfect setup for performances and long interviews.

Optionally, the a7s III can simultaneously record in camera, while the Atomos Ninja V is recording ProResRAW video, providing several workflow options and a useful backup.

Philip Bloom, whom you all know, shot a short promo film called ‘The Paddleboarder’ in ProRes RAW with the a7S III + Ninja V. You can see the film above. 

Atomos will be releasing a free firmware update in September with a7s III support. 

Read more about the Sony a7s III video specs here and new CFexpress A media cards required for the highest bit rate and frame rate options.

[via Atomos]

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