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Six Laowa Wide-Angle and Macro Lenses Now Available In L-Mount

Lumix S1/S1H and Sigma fp users get some more choices of excellent wide-angle and macro lenses in the native L-mount

Laowa L series primes
Images by Venus Optics

Venus Optics, makers of some crazy-wide (and good) and other speciality lenses will be providing L-mount options on six of their existing Laowa wide angle and macro lenses. And of course, this is good news for those using ‘L-mount alliance’ cameras such as the Panasonic S1H, Leica SL, and Sigma fp to name a few. 

See a list of the available lenses for L-Mount cameras:

Wide Angle lenses for L-mount

  • Laowa 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6
  • Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D
  • Laowa 15mm f/2 Zero-D

Macro lenses for L-mount 

  • Laowa 15mm f/4 Wide Angle Macro
  • Laowa 65mm f/2.8 2X Ultra-Macro
  • Laowa 100mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO 

Laowa 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6

This is currently the widest, full-frame rectilinear zoom lens available on the market. Furthermore, this lens has a relatively compact form factor making it very handy for landscape and travel photographers. In addition, it also has a rear filter slot designed for using ND filters.

Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D

Of course, the Laowa 12mm is the flagship model of Venus Optics and is currently the widest full-frame rectilinear f/2.8 lens. Featuring the famous ‘close-to-zero’ distortion as well as a ultra-fast aperture, this lens is quite popular among astro and landscape photographers. Venus Optics also has a PL mount version of this lens more suitable for filmmaking and video work.

Laowa L mount lenses Venus Optics
Images by Venus Optics

Laowa 15mm f/2 Zero-D

Here is another very popular Laowa lens, which is also considered a flagship model. It’s super-fast f/2.0 maximum diaphgragm opening and (close to) zero distrotion makes it very handy for real-estate and landscape work.

In addition, unlike other wide angle lenses with bulgy front element, the 15mm Laowa f2 Zero D has a 72mm filter thread making it easy to screw on ND, polarizers and other filters for photography and video work. 

Laowa 15mm f/4 Wide Angle Macro

According to Venus Optics, and to my knowledge, this is the widest 1:1 macro lens in the market. The combination of deep depth of field and 1:1 magnification enables photographers to take photos at unique perspectives. Naturally, this is also another full frame lens, and one that is also equipped with a simple +/- 6mm shift mechanism.

Laowa 65mm f/2.8 2X Ultra-Macro

Moving over to the world of APS-C sensors, the Laowa 65mm Macro is a 2:1 macro lens with extended macro range that is always welcomed by macro photographers who was having difficulty in shooting small subjects. 

Venus Optics Laowa Lenses for L-mount wide angle macro
Images by Venus Optics/Laowa

Laowa 100mm f/2.8 2X Ultra-Macro APO

And finally, the sixth lens to be converted to L-mount is their flagship macro lens for full-frame cameras. Apart from the 2:1 magnification, the lens also features an extremely good control of chromatic aberrations control. 

Pricing and Availability

The new L-mount lenses are currently available to order directly from Venus Optics or their authorized dealers such as B&H.

Pricing is the same as the other available mounts and they vary in different countries. The L-mount versions of these lenses are expected to ship in August.

For more info and sample photos head over to Venus Optics via the link below.

[via Venus Optics]

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