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Shure MV7 XLR/USB Microphone for Podcasters, Streamers and Gamers

Shure unveils a new, more affordable hybrid mic for digital creators

Shure Mv7 XLR USB podcast mic for gamers streamers filmmakers video creators
Image by Shure

Shure just announced the Shure MV7 podcasting microphone. Also, the new MV7 marks a big first for the company – as their first hybrid dynamic microphone bridging the world of analog and digital audio with both XLR and USB connectivity

Furthermore, the new Shure MV7 aims to bring high-quality audio to podcasters, gamers, streamers, musicians, and video creators in mind looking for a high-quality, but more affordable microphone. 

A more budget-friendly “sister” hybrid mic to the Shure SM7B

Much like the legendary Shure SM7B microphone a highly revered dynamic mic for live streaming and podcasting, the new MV7 has been designed to deliver high-quality audio in a sleek, compact design, but at a lower price point.

However, unlike the SM7B, which requires quite a bit of gain from a decent pre-amp, which makes the audio setup more expensive (not to mention the SM7B is a $400 microphone), the new MV7 can be plugged into a laptop or computer directly via USB. 

Not having to use a pre-amp is a big cost saving feature, however, for what it’s worth the Micro USB connection on the back of the MV7 that Shure chose to go with is less than ideal. A USB-C or a full-size USB Type A would have been a much better choice. 

Shure m7v hybrid mic cheaper alternative to sm7b

Shure MV7 Podcast Mic Quick Features

  • Rugged, all-metal construction for outstanding reliability
  • Dual USB/XLR output for either Digital or Analog recording
  • Highly-Directional Pattern / Voice Isolation Technology
  • Touch Control for Gain, Volume, Lock settings, and Mute Mic
  • Auto-Level Mode (when used with USB)
  • free Desktop app – Shure MOTIV MV7
    • Auto-Level Mode automatically adjusts gain and compression settings
    • Switchable EQ Filters and Tone Color
    • Custom Presets
    • Extensive control – allows users to adjust:
      • Mic Gain, Mic Mute, EQ,
      • Monitor Mix, Limiter and Compressor
  • Pre-order: $249 Black/Silver at B&H

Easy to use Touch Panel for More Control

One of the unique and more modern features of the Shure MV7 is its Touch Panel Interface, which gives users a quick and intuitive way to adjust the mic sensitivity, headphone level, lock settings, or mute the mic altogether.

Also, having an XLR and a USB interface that can be used at the same time will make streaming for gamers quite a bit less cumbersome. 

Voice Isolation Technology, Auto Level Mode

In addition, the Shure MV7’s design has been optimised for voice, no matter the environment. 

Auto Level Mode makes it possible for the mic to adjust vocal levels by setting the correct gain perfectly in real time, ensuring consistent output levels.

Free Desktop App – Shure MOTIV

Additionally, the new MV7 mic comes with a free, companion desktop app called Shure MOTIV App. 

Furthermore, this app gives users more flexibility to control audio functions with the convenience of various preset modes. Also, users can select their tone – Dark, Natural, or Bright, depending on if they want a deep “radio” voice, or a crisp and clean sound.

MV7_Silver_shure podcasting microphone usb xlr back
Image by Shure

These settings are available in Auto Level Mode and can be selected with one click in the MOTIV app. Similarly, you can select your mic distance with Near or Far settings, depending on your preferred position from the mic.

To learn more about the functionality of the new Shure MV7, be sure to check out B&H’s first look video below. 

Pricing and Availability

The new Shure MV7 is now available to pre-order from B&H for $249 in either Black or Silver color variations. 

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