Shot on iPhone Pro 11: ‘Vertical Cinema’ Short by Oscar-Winning Director

Vertical video goes cinematic in this Apple-produced short film

Vertical Cinema Damien Chazelle short fiilm making of iphone 11 pro The Stunt Double
Images by Apple

A new short film produced by Apple and shot on iPhone 11 Pro, explores the possibilities of ‘Vertical Cinema’. Classic Hollywood black and white films, thrillers, and westerns are ‘re-imagined’ or rather ‘verticalised’ in Damien Chazelle’s “The Stunt Double,”

In addition, the short film was lensed by Acadamy-award winning cinematographer Linus Sandgren, and scored by Grammy winner Lorne Balfe.  

Check out ‘The Stunt Double’ below:

Take a look behind the scenes as we explore how to create your own cinematic look and feel, learn a few tricks for the wide angle lens, and find out how to compose shots for the vertical screen – all featuring insights from Academy Award winning DP Linus Sandgren, BAFTA winning production designer Shane Valentino, critically-acclaimed costume designer April Napier, and more.

Watch the Behind the Scenes – how they shot ‘The Stunt Double’ on an iPhone

‘Making Vertical Cinema’ behind the scenes (images and videos by Apple): 

Needless to say, some of these shot looks spectacular, and I won’t expect anything different from top-echelon DP, Director, and Hollywood crew.

Yes, you can tell that it wasn’t shot on a S35 or bigger sensor (definitely not Alexa image quality here), but when you watch an exceptionally produced short piece like this on the 4-5 inch screen of your phone, does it really matter? 

Vertical video is still very weird to me especially in a narrative form, but the way things are going, I will not be surprised to see such type of filmmaking grow into its own little niche. If it hasn’t already gone that way…

[via Apple / 9to5Mac]

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