Shape BP-975 Battery and V-mount/Gold Mount Plate for RED Komodo

Here’s to more third party Canon BP style batteries for the RED KOMODO!

RED Komodo 6k black production version
Images by RED

Canadian camera accessories maker Shape unveils new BP-975 battery and V-mount/Gold-mount battery plate for the RED Komodo. It is worth noting that as of this moment, the Shape BP-975 batteries are not yet RED approved, which means they won’t display the remaining time on the Komodo screen.

However, with the insatiable glut for Canon BP style batteries for the tiny RED camera, it’s worth checking these out.  

Moreover, Shape joins a host of companies including Blueshape and even RED themselves in the making of those so-hard-to-find-in-stock Canon BP955 and BP975 style batteries. 

A Must Have Battery Style for Gimbal and Compact Setups

The RED Komodo is easily one of the hottest cameras on the block right now, and having three or four BP-style batteries is a must for gimbal and  handheld setups.

While no substitute for larger capacity V-mount and Gold mount batteries, the new Shape BP-975 lithium-ion battery is rated at 7800mAh and more importantly 7.4V so it can easily power the RED Komodo.

In addition, the battery is also compatible with various Canon camcorders including the Canon XF305/405 and C-series cameras such as the C100 Mark II, C300, and others.

REDVOLT BP Style Batteries by RED for Komodo

Shape BP-975 battery for RED Komodo with USB cable
Images by Shape

4 Stage LED Indicators and 5V USB Ports

Furthermore, the Shape BP-style battery has no memory effect and is decoded so it can be fully charged with accurate power metering. 

Other features include a 5V USB port and a 5V micro-USB port for charging smartphones or other mobile devices on set. A USB to micro-USB cable is supplied for wall charging, however, understandably the charging wall unit is not included.

Battery capacity can be quickly checked via the 4-stage LED meter. The battery’s box-like design can be easily stacked for storage or packed away in a case for transport.

Shape BP-975 Battery Quick Features/Specs

  • 7.4V, 7800mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Compatible with RED Komodo, as well as Canon XF and C100/C100 Mark II/C300
  • Expected running times:
    • In 6K recording mode with RED Komodo, expect approx. 130 min.
    • However, do note that battery duration depends on the number of factors including number of accessories plugged into the battery and camera etc.
  • 4 stage LED lights Power gauge for remaining battery life
  • Battery has no memory effect
  • 5V micro-USB and USB port
  • Dimensions: 70 x 61 x 38 mm
  • Replacement for Shape battery models BP-955, BP-950G
  • Pre-order: $79 USD at Shape or B&H Photo/Video
Shape BP-975 battery for RED Komodo
Images by Shape

For those looking for some extra juice for their camera, Shape has also announced a V-mount and Pivoting Battery plate for the RED Komodo. 

In addition to the V-mount, Shape is also offering a Gold-mount version for extra versatility. This pivoting battery plate slots into one of the dual Canon BP battery slots of the Komodo.

It’s important to note that this design does offer access to the other battery slot, which is a nice touch. Thus, it allows users to hot-swap between the different battery systems (V-mount or Gold-mount and BP) and have your camera always on. Construction appears to be solid – the unit is machined out of CNC aluminium.

Equipped with Shape’s Push-Button Technology

Also, the battery plate is designed with a 15 mm rod push-button system to let you tilt the battery plate up and down and to give you easy access to the rear connector of the camera. 

By simply pressing the SHAPE patented push-button, you are allowed tilt up and down to tailor the battery plate to your needs. 

The plate does include an 8-inch power cable with a D-Tap connector on one end and a 2-pin LEMO-type connector on the other end. Furthermore, the universal cheese plate features several 1/4″-20 and 3/8”-16 threaded holes for accessories.

RED komodo v-mount battery bracket
RED Komodo V-mount Battery Plate by Shape

V-Mount pivoting battery plate with hot swap feature

  • V-Mount pivoting battery plate with hot swap feature
  • Enables you to use a pro-style V-Mount or Gold mount batteries to power your RED Komodo rig
  • Designed with a 15mm rod push-button
  • Works with longer-lasting, pro-style V-Mount batteries
  • 1 x D-Tap port with a maximum 12-17V, 50W output
  • Compatible with select D-Tap powered cameras and accessories
  • Pre-order: $307 USD at B&H

To learn more head over to Shape’s website here. You can pre-order both BP 975 batteries and Gold/V-mount Battery Plates via B&H Photo/Video.

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