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Schneider XENON FF Cine Primes Summer Deals up to 60% Off

Huge sale on the XENON full-frame cine primes, get a set of 5 x for 8,000 Euro!

XENON Schneider FF Summer Promo 20201
Images by Schneider-Kreuznach

Schneider-Kreuznach is kicking off the Summer with one hell of a deal on their Xenon FF Cine Primes – now up to 60% Off! 

As more and more film crews get back to set in these uncertain times we live in, having access to more affordable equipment can go a long way. Especially when it comes to quality cine lenses.

And as cameras are so cheap these days (I mean the BMPCC 6K is what – 2 grand now and it does Raw up to 6K!). Up to a point where just a couple of years back, such price points would have been reserved for severely crippled mirrorless and DSLR cameras, the next natural step in democratizing film production is the price of proper cine lenses. 

A Set of 5 x Full-Frame Cine Primes for Less than 1600 Euro per lens! 

Sure, affordable can mean different things to different people, but for some time, the most affordable cine lenses have not been very good to be honest.

The Samyang XEENs where quite decent when they came out years ago, but they were pretty soft wide open and even stepped down exhibited strange artifacts in certain situations.

However, now the Schneider XENON’s are less than 8,000 Euro for a set of 5 cine primes – that’s 1,590 Euro per lens! The promotion runs until end of July.

And that’s quite the value proposition if you ask me. Considering that not that long ago a set of 5 of these would set you back 17,000+ Euro! 

Huge Discounts on the Schneider XENON FF Cine Primes up Until July 31st, 2020!

This is fantastic news for anyone, who’s been eyeballing these lenses for a while. And yes, despite the fact they are not new by any means, they do cover full-frame sensors and are properly build for video and film production. 

I guess, the Zeiss CP.2 lenses would be their more direct competitors, but nevertheless the Xenon’s do stand their ground offering a clean look that is suitable for a huge range of filming scenarios. 

The discounted set of 5 x XENON FF Cine Primes by Scheinder-Kreuznach includes the following lenses:

  • 25mm T2.1 
  • 35mm T2.1 
  • 50mm T2.1 
  • 75mm T2.1
  • 100mm T2.1 

This set is priced at 7,950 Euro during the promotion, which ends July 31st, 2020. Available lens mount options include PL, Canon EF, or Sony E, all in Metric. 

In addition, this deal also gets you 2 x Schneider-Kreuznach 4-Lens Hardcases. 

You can add a 6th lens to this set (18mm T2.4) for 11,540 Euro.

Schneider Kreuznach Xenon FF 35mm t2.1 PL 2
Image by Schneider

To learn more about the XENON FF by Schneider and browse through the list of authorised dealers in your region, head over to their website here.


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