Samsung launches HDR10+ Adaptive on upcoming QLED TVs

HDR10+ Adaptive also supports Filmmaker Mode

Samsung QLED HDR10+ Adaptive
Image by Samsung

Samsung has just announced a new HDR10+ Adaptive feature for their upcoming QLED 4K and 8K TVs to hit the shelves in 2021. In a nutshell, this feature improves the HDR10+ viewing experience no matter the lighting conditions, an important condition for enjoying HDR content “the right way”. 

And while 2020 may have closed cinemas, Samsung is aiming to bring an extra layer of immersion into the home-viewing experience. According to Samsung, their new HDR10+ Adaptive will launch on their new QLED TV models set to ship shortly.

The Challenge of Properly Viewing HDR Content

In order to fully appreciate the deep saturated blacks, rich mid-tones, and bright highlights, you need to view HDR content in an optimal environment. This is typically a darkened room, however the experience can greatly depend on a wide range of factors, including direction, and amount of ambient and direct light, time of day, and proximity to windows.

Furthermore, the new HDR10+ Adaptive feature supports dynamic scene-by-scene optimization and can now adapt to any room lighting condition. Moreover, this feature utilizes the TV’s light sensor and ensures that the screen brings to life the creative intent without any loss of details or contrast.

Amazon Prime Video Delivered in HDR10+

Amazon Prime Video users will have their HDR content automatically delivered in HDR10+.

More and more content is becoming available in HDR10+ with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Samsung extending its technology partnership to include even more HDR10+ catalogues and new titles for distribution on OTT services around the world.

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Samsung QLED TV 8K HDR10+ Adaptive
Image by Samsung

Filmmaker Mode for Samsung QLED TVs with HDR10+ Adaptive

Filmmaker mode is also supported with HDR10+ Adaptive on Samsung QLED TVs . This display setting was developed in partnership with filmmakers as to ensure that movies, narrative drama and other content is shown the way the filmmakers indented.

In other words, Filmmaker mode was designed to lessen or eliminate the dreaded high frequency refresh rate effect, which destroys the “natural” film blur in movies; an effect associated with capturing moving images at 24fps, and one that we’ve been accustomed to seeing in cinemas for a hundred years.

“We are always looking for new features and innovations that can help improve the customer experience,” said BA Winston, Global Head of Video Playback and Delivery at Amazon Prime Video. “With HDR10+ and Filmmaker mode, Prime Video content is optimized regardless of the viewing environment and customers can enjoy movies and TV shows the way the filmmakers intended.”

UHD titles available on Prime Video also include HDR10+ so if you have Amazon Prime Video you can get an improved HDR experience with most Samsung QLED TVs regardless of room lighting conditions.

via Samsung

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