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Sachtler aktiv 8 Fluid Head with SpeedLevel Announced

Sachtler is back with a super-quick range of tripod heads

sachtler aktiv tripod
Image by Sachtler

Sachtler aktiv 8 is the newest and super-fast fluid head in the arsenal of the legendary tripod manufacturer featuring new SpeedLevel tech. The company also announced the aktiv 6 (for 75mm bowl), and aktiv 10 fluid heads (for 100mm tripods).

And just like they revolutionised the video tripod design with the release of their excellent Flowtech 75 tripod legs three years ago, Sachtler is now retiring their FSB range and doing the same to fluid heads. However, they are going to keep the Sachtler FSB4 head around for some time, while the rest are now superseded with the aktiv range.

Super-charge Your Tripod!  

Designed to significantly speed-up camera tripod setups and make lives of camera operators a bit easier in the process, the new aktiv range of fluid heads from Sacthler are truly an engineering marvel. 

What makes the new Sachtler aktiv fluid heads so unique is the SpeedLevel technology. In essence, it obsoletes the often fiddly and slow bowl clamps, thus allowing operators to release, level, and lock their head tightly into the perfect position by simply lifting a lever.

Sachtler aktiv 8 fluid head flowtech tripod
Image by Sachtler

Sachtler aktiv 6, 8/8T, and aktiv 10 Features

  • SpeedSwap base for super-quick setup
    • move from tripod to slider in seconds
  • SpeedLevel technology
    • 75mm for aktiv 6, and 8/8T
    • 10mm for aktiv 10
  • Wide Range of Payload
    • from 0 to 12kg / 26.5 lbs payload capacity
  • Balance Range: 120mm / 4.7″ (60cm 2.4 in on aktiv 8T)
  • Counterbalance 15+0 / Drag 3 + 0
  • Tilt Range: +90 to -70 degrees
  • Side and Top illuminated PrismBubble 
  • Side Load plate or Touch & Go (for aktiv 8T)
  • Pre-order at B&H Photo/Video

With no bowl clamp required, aktiv heads, combined with flowtech tripods, can go flat to the ground for the perfect low-angle shot.

Furthermore, the aktiv heads also feature a new illuminated Prism Bubble visible both from above and the side, making levelling easy even when the camera is positioned on a high angle.

“We’ve done it again.” said James Guest, engineering manager – Vitec Production Solutions. “When nobody thought that tripod design could be improved, we worked closely with camera operators around the world to understand their needs to develop ‘flowtech’ a tripod that makes camera set-up faster and more flexible.

Now with aktiv we have made fast even faster. Studying camera operator movement, we removed any elements that slow them down while adding more flexibility and control as well as more levels of drag and counterbalance than ever, giving operators more time and opportunities to push their creativity.”

Sachtler aktiv 8 fluid head flowtech prismbubble
PrismBubble – Image by Sachtler

Sachtler aktiv 6, aktiv 8, 8T, and aktiv 10 Fluid Heads

The new fluid head range consists of four models – the aktiv6 and aktiv8 are compatible with all main Sachtler 75mm tripods – with aktiv8 available in ‘side load’ (aktiv 8S) or ‘touch and go’ camera plate options (aktiv 8T) – while aktiv10 is a 100mm bowl head with side load camera plate.

In addition, the new aktiv 8 and 10 support payloads from as low as 0kg up to 12kg, while the aktiv 6 tops out at 8kg. This makes the aktiv extremely versatile and capable of supporting just about any popular pro camera out there starting from hybrid mirrorless to REDs and Sony FX9, Canon C300 Mark III, C500 Mark II etc.

Furthermore, the new fluid head range is ideal for fast-paced broadcast and corporate work, as well as wildlife, commercial, and documentary productions.

Go from Tripod to Slider in Seconds

With the aktiv system’s revolutionary SpeedSwap feature, operators can quickly switch their camera between a tripod or a slider in seconds to capture shots that have previously been unavailable with limited time.

sony fx9 on sachtler aktiv flowtech tripod
Images by Sachtler

Moreover, you can also get an aktiv Slider/Tripod adapter for 75mm bowl tripod (part number  S2080-0005), pictured below. It sandwiches between your tripod and slider.

In addition you will also need an aktiv head / slider 75mm adapter (part number S2080-0003 – link to B&H) for the bottom of the slider adapter. 

sachtler aktiv speedswap slider adapter
Image by Sachtler / aktiv Slider/Tripod adapter for 75mm
Sachtler aktiv flat slider adapter
Sachtler aktiv flat slider adapter

According to the manufacturer, their new range of fluid heads has been tested in extreme ranges of temperature and humidity.

And, as with all Sachtler tripods, aktiv has been precision-engineered using quality materials to the industry renowned Sachtler standard.

Pricing and Availability

The Sachtler aktiv fluid head range starts at $1,525. In addition, you can now pre-order from authorised dealers worldwide as a head only or with a flowtech tripod.

Pre-order at B&H:

Explore Sacthler flowtech and aktiv at

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